For most times, I shun chain outlets as such but my first experience with pappa rich a year ago kept me coming back for more .

There’s something unique about pappa rich .
You”ll understand when you take a try at their food . There’s something that screams homemade and that’s pretty unusual ....

In fact , their food reminds me of madam kwan’s food in KL - the same amount of pride and detail in each recipe .

Intrigued, I researched further about pappa rich and read from their website about how they import their ingredients from various parts of Malaysia to all their outlets over the world. Like how their horfun is from Ipoh and that their Kaya is homemade .

The nasi lemak with curry chicken is a must get for me every time I visit pappa rich. The rice is well cooked without being too greasy and matches well with the homemade sambal ( so homemade that you can see onion chunks in their sambal ). The curry chicken is so creamy and aromatic and the potatoes are cooked till soft while the chicken is fresh ( not frozen).

The place that I would go when I need to get a good nasi lemak / curry chicken anytime .

Be sure to try their charcoal toasted bread with homemade kaya . To me , it Beats both the rendition from yakun and Kiliney combined - that’s how good it is .

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