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What I liked: the satay.
What I didn’t like: the sauce.
Although this stall is pretty famous, I have to confess not everything suited my tastebuds.
Granted the satay itself was good. I got the chicken and found the meat well marinated and tender. Because the grilling was done very well, the satay had just the right amount of char to ensure it appeared appetising and delivered the all-important smokiness.
The sauce however, was another story. It‘s a matter of personal taste of course and this simply didn’t appeal to me. I found it one-dimensional and lacking oomph. The smooth-ish, rather watery ground peanut sauce was also not spicy enough. Plus what’s supposed to be a dollop of mashed pineapple in there did not taste anything like the fruit. No tang was detected whatsoever.
Sorry if I sound harsh but I had expected more. But do note my preference has always been for spicier satay sauces that have a lot of texture. So at the end of the day, although I did not like it, there are those who do.