Had this due to some recommendations we read. I like that the soup is piping hot from start to end, and that the soup has a distinct seafood taste- the sweetness of it!
We did not bring tofu or vege to add in though we've heard we could.
The soup was added FOC. Promptly when level goes low.
The bowls of noodles goes well with the hotpot.
Recommend anyone who likes hotpot to bring along your own vege, canned mushrooms and tofu. Regretted not brining as these would go very well with the sweet fragrant soup.
Very friendly Uncle and auntie. Bless them!
$60 for 4 pax this time.

Hee hee, this place is one of my favourites! Totally worth the sweat πŸ’¦
Totally like this place too!