Nice Food

Nice Food

Featuring Wen Wen Pork Rib Big Prawn Mee (Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre), Sumo Big Prawn Noodle (Ang Mo Kio 628 Market & Food Centre), Itacho Sushi (Bugis Junction), White Restaurant (Punggol), Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee (Joo Chiat), Hoe Kee Wanton Noodle (Geylang East Centre Market & Food Corner)
Xue Ren Tan
Xue Ren Tan

We're here for the wanton mee ($4 for small size), but were drawn by this plate of meatballs ($7).
Simply fried, with a special sauce to go along with. The meatballs are addictive. I could eat them all by myself. Some meatballs have too much flour. These are not like that. Each bite is a mouthful of meaty goodness. Rather juicy, with right amount of seasoning. Not too salty. These are like what I would have at home. Nice!
The wanton mee does not disappoint, though I would call the size "snack" size. Small bowls for dainty appetite. However, it does not rival my fav wanton mee spot (at 117 Geylang east food ctr).
I would not come here for wanton mee cravings, but I'll definitely pop by if I'm somewhere near.


Itacho sushi has lots of choices when it comes to sushi. We're glad that they have an app now, so that you can take your time to choose without feeling pressurised by having to rush through order so as not to 'waste" the time of the waiter.
We would never missed out on ordering the salmon belly sashimi, and the potato cream croquet. The fatty layer of the salmon belly is so delicious! The cream croquet is best eaten piping hot, threatening to burn your tongue. The potato filling is so soft it would just melt away in your mouth.
Because of the choices that they offer, we would always be able to order something, no matter what food mood we have that day.
My children ate with satisfaction. The youngest nod his head and smile at me while he ate. Haha.. oh well.. yes, we will be back.

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We ordered small size ($5) which has clams and unshelled prawns x3, medium size ($8) which has more carbohydrates, prawns, and clams, and the $15 portion which is a big bowl with crayfish and clams. We shared all the "liao" among ourselves, as the big bowl has lots of clams and 6 x halves of crayfish. Despite the slightly steeper price than normal, it was well worth it for the generous amount of ingredients and sweet sweet soup. We ordered all bee hoon so as not to let the alkaline taste of yellow noodles affect the soup.
The stall has a long queue but they cleared us quite fast.
Enjoyable food, they deserve the good reputation that we have heard.


Add: Blk 117 Aljunied Ave 2 Food Centre.

This stall has been my firm favourite for years. The stall is manned by 2 old folks who have worked their lives serving plates after plates of simple but delicious noodles. The soup is really good, using ikan bilis and soya bean for the stock.
If you eat there, the server will serve the noodles to you. On off peak hour there will still be a good 10-15 minutes wait. The old folks work slowly so patience is needed.
They also serve other types of noodles like shredded chicken Hor fun.
I would sometimes buy a few more packets back home to keep in the fridge for late night supper. Just microwave it whenever... :)
Only for breakfast. They sometimes sold out before 12pm.

Had this due to some recommendations we read. I like that the soup is piping hot from start to end, and that the soup has a distinct seafood taste- the sweetness of it!
We did not bring tofu or vege to add in though we've heard we could.
The soup was added FOC. Promptly when level goes low.
The bowls of noodles goes well with the hotpot.
Recommend anyone who likes hotpot to bring along your own vege, canned mushrooms and tofu. Regretted not brining as these would go very well with the sweet fragrant soup.
Very friendly Uncle and auntie. Bless them!
$60 for 4 pax this time.


We had a few dishes today.
White bee hoon- it has a thick gravy that coats the bee hoon nicely. Not much of seafood to go along with, but tasted fabulous still.
Crispy tofu- this is a homemade tofu deep fried with a crispy, light, and airy batter. We love it.
Garlic lala- this is just ok. The sand hasn't been washed off totally. A tad too salty.
The Chilli sauce in a bottle deserves to be mentioned. This goes very well with the bee hoon. It has a tinge of sour taste that makes dishes more appetising.
Vege (no pic) was standard.


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