Tbh I've been seeing this bun on my feed quite a lot and I was super sceptical about it cuz rice in bread?? What kind of carb on carb action is this lmao 🍞🍚 I still decided to try it though, since there's mochi inside and there was the 3 for $5.50 promo.

I was quite surprised at how fragrant the rice was! It had a bit of a coconut milk taste and didnt taste too odd. The mochi was also soft and sticky and pretty generous. The bread had more of a wholemeal taste to it I think? But it was really soft.

However, it's still a bit of an odd combo to me. It was nice to try and really unique but I think I wouldn't get it again. If you're a pulut hitam lover tho, why not give it a shot?

⭐ Rating: 7.2/10 double carbs
đŸ€‘ worth the price: eh
🩖 would I buy again: no
💍 would I marry: no