📍Wafuken, OUE Downtown Gallery📍
💸 DIY bowls: ~$15/pax depending on what you choose
Looking for a healthy meal in the downtown area? Then Wafuken is for you! Serving up DIY bowls with a wide variety of sous vide proteins and sides to choose from, we were really spoilt for choice as everything on the menu looked good!🤤 At first, we were skeptical about the chicken breast🐔 as our impression of it is dry🤢, however we were pleasantly surprised by how tender it was, due to the sous vide cooking method used. We definitely recommend y'all to try their chicken breast as it's really damn good!!!💯

The sides were well executed as well, with our favourites being the miso cauliflower and sesame spinach salad. However, they did get on the saltier side after a while so we recommend getting some rice🍚 or soba to balance it out. Overall, we love that wafuken offers healthy and delicious food that make us want to come back for more!😍 Albeit on the pricier side, good news is you can purchase a chope voucher to make the meal more affordable!!🎉