Best of Both Worlds🙌🏻
Munch Kinggs
Munch Kinggs

📍Ah Lock & Co, Guoco Tower📍
💸 Hakka signature rice bowl: $7.80
Not only does Ah lock serve up great min jiang kueh, they do great hakka rice bowls as well🥣. First of all, there were a good variety of toppings offered and they gave quite a lot for each, super worth hahah💰. Our favourite was definitely the hakka meatball which was so crispy, juicy and perfectly seasoned that we would totally order it if they offered it as a side dish on its own🙈! Their hakka tofu was also surprisingly juicier than other yong tau foo out there. Lastly, loved the mix of vegetables in it which made the meal very balanced🥬. However, we thought that the sauce they gave for the rice was quite little and we couldnt really taste much of it especially after mixing it in🍚. But since there were many toppings to go along with it, not too big of an issue for us! Would love to try their other bowls in the future😌

📍Dancing Fish, Orchard Rd TANGS📍
💸 Signature Set B (4 pax): $125++
💸 Star fruit with Asam Boi: $9
💸 Kedondong with preserved plum: $9
Happy Hari Raya Puasa!✨Had a feast at Dancing Fish and the set for 4 was really worth it, with a good variety of appetiser, main dishes and desserts that are pretty generous with the portions☺️. Our favourites were the cumi cumi bakar (charcoal grilled calamari) and Tahu telor (tofu with crispy egg floss). The calamari was grilled perfectly, with it being soft and not chewy at all and went well with the sweet and smokey sauce🦑. The tahu telor was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and having it together with the crispy egg floss and tangy sauce allowed us to enjoyed different textures and flavours🤤!! Lastly, balancing all these strong flavours by trying some of their refreshing signature beverages🍹.

Overall, a great place with homely malay-indo cuisine and great ambience🏠!

📍Bao Makers, Westgate📍
💸 Bao Set: $16
A rare trip to the west and we were wandering in Westgate trying to figure out what to eat when we chanced upon Bao Makers💃Have to say the Bao Set is really quite value for money as it comes with 3 Baos + house salad + iced citrus tea👍🏻Their signature Chilli Crab Bao🦀was packed full of crab meat mixed with chilli crab sauce and sandwiched between a crispy fried mantou- probably our favourite and somewhat similar to dipping our fried mantou in a Chilli Crab zichar dish without having to deal with all the crab shells😂We also couldn’t resist the Salmon Mentaiko Bao🍣coz we’re a fan of all things mentaiko- the sauce paired really well with the fried salmon and didn’t feel overly jelat☺️For the vegetarian option, you could go for the Truffle Mushroom Bao🍄 Special mention goes to the House Salad🥗 which had this sauce that we love!!🥰

📍Lighthouse Bistro & Bar, Lavender📍
💸 Fisherman’s Angel Hair: $19 (before burpple 1-1)
Chanced upon this place on burpple and the burpple 1-1 set comes with choice of main and mocktails🍸We got their fisherman’s angel hair- a generous serving of pasta and seafood paired with sambal paste🍝🍤🌊While the seafood tasted fresh and had a good sear on it, the sambal paste was just a tad too sweet for our liking, especially towards the end as it was quite a huge portion of pasta. Also kinda wished that the pasta had a bit more bite to it, it was a little mushy for us😅 Overall, still a quiet spot to head to for some quality time with our friends


📍Cicada, Clarke Quay📍
💸 Beer Battered White Bait: $12
💸 Grilled Miso Cod Capellini: $30 (we used Burpple 1-1 main dish)
💸 Trio Chocolate: $12
💸 Cicada Sling: $16
Super stocked that there’s Burpple 1️⃣-1️⃣ for their main dishes and of course we had to get the miso cod capellini- thick slab of fish that’s cooked perfectly and paired with capellini topped ebiko, the miso taste was a little too subtle but definitely a must get dish!!😍Super worth it🤩🤩The coating for the beer battered white bait however, was a little too thick for our liking and we’ll probably suggest to give it a miss😂 For their cocktails, we had the cicada sling and casanova- cicada sling looks pretty but would definitely choose casanova as it’s sweeter with litchi boba that pops in your mouth😉 Overall, a nice place with beautiful interior🌿🍃

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📍CHICHI, Amoy street📍
💸 Crab XO fried rice: $20
💸 Fried brown rice: $16
💸 Ang kar prawn: $26
💸 Smoked chestnut & truffle gyoza: $13
💸 Chirachi salad: $23
💸 Creme caramel: $8
Chichi is a modern Asian Japanese restaurant that serves dishes with their own twist to it.😉 Well-known for their fried rice, their Crab XO fried rice was full of wok hey, and featured a heaping pile of crabmeat on top, super shiok!🦀 The fried brown rice was not too bad either, with loads of vegetarian fried beancurd skin on it, giving it a crunchy texture when eating with the fried rice.😮 However, we felt that the fried rice was too oily and salty for our liking, which got us reaching out for our water cups after a while.🥛 The rest of the dishes were not bad either, but did not stand out to us. Overall, the experience was a little disappointing but a really commendable effort for coming up with such interesting dishes!😊

📍Akira Back, JW Marriott hotel South Beach📍
💸 48 Hrs "Sanchoku" Short Rib: $50
💸 "The Best Back" Bundle- Best of both worlds: $45 (we chose mushroom pizza and 'brother from another mother' roll)

Serving up good quality and innovative dishes with strong Japanese and Korean influences, Akira Back has become one of our favourite restaurants!! The dishes that we tried truly surprised us in terms of texture and flavour.😍

Our most most favourite dish goes to the short ribs!! Don't be deceived by its unassuming presentation, the short ribs are the epitome of 'melt in the mouth'.🥩 After being braised for 48h, the beef was sooo tender and flavourful that we didnt even have to chew much! Such a pity that there were only 4 pieces, given its hefty price tag.😢

Our experience at Akira Back was nothing short of fantastic in terms of the food and service, and till this day we still miss the food greatly!👏 However, as it's quite expensive, we'll probably be coming back on special occasions.😊

The mushroom pizza's crust was thin and crispy while the mushroom was slightly crunchy and chewy.🍕 Together with the truffle oil drizzled on top, it was truly an explosion of flavours in our mouths.🎊

The 'Brother from another mother' roll had an interesting concept featuring both unagi and anago in a sushi roll. However, maybe due to the fact that there was too much going on, we couldnt really taste the unagi and anago.😕

📍Wafuken, OUE Downtown Gallery📍
💸 DIY bowls: ~$15/pax depending on what you choose
Looking for a healthy meal in the downtown area? Then Wafuken is for you! Serving up DIY bowls with a wide variety of sous vide proteins and sides to choose from, we were really spoilt for choice as everything on the menu looked good!🤤 At first, we were skeptical about the chicken breast🐔 as our impression of it is dry🤢, however we were pleasantly surprised by how tender it was, due to the sous vide cooking method used. We definitely recommend y'all to try their chicken breast as it's really damn good!!!💯

The sides were well executed as well, with our favourites being the miso cauliflower and sesame spinach salad. However, they did get on the saltier side after a while so we recommend getting some rice🍚 or soba to balance it out. Overall, we love that wafuken offers healthy and delicious food that make us want to come back for more!😍 Albeit on the pricier side, good news is you can purchase a chope voucher to make the meal more affordable!!🎉

Occasionally enjoys pigging out🤙🏻 Also on insta @munchkinggs

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