It's a Saturday. And Saturday means studying and also looking for a nice place to indulge in my weekly sinful cake delight at a random spot with hopes that the place will serve me a decent cake my picky palate will approve of. Today it was Ahoy Cafe.

They were having a promotion of a coffee (latte, flat white, or cuppuccino, all hot) and a slice of cake (UP: RM 11.90) for RM 15.

In an ideal world, I would have opted for a Mocha or a Chocolate since I'm not (rather I can't be) a coffee drinker. But today it was a Flat White with a slice of Red Velvet (with prayers that I won't need to make a trip to the hospital). The Red Velvet was really a little too sweet. The strawberry jam by the side was used to tone down the sweetness with its tartness and really, it did a great job. I just wished I had more jam to work with. I can't comment on the coffee itself since I'm not a coffee drinker and I only consume coffee at gun point (mainly because coffee will kill me if I take too much). But the bitterness of the flat white did well to tone down the sweetness of the cake. Texture wise, the cake was dense and moist with the buttercream frosting sportinf hints of lemon in it. Overall tho, in terms of taste, it is a little too sweet for me. Sweet tooths will appreciate it tho.

Oh and the window seats are quite warm.