Sweets : Subang Jaya

Sweets : Subang Jaya

Teatime, dessert, just a hangout. Sweets all day everyday.
Esther Seletyn Chai
Esther Seletyn Chai

Remember my beloved Thean Chun pudding? Well much closer to home is Sumi-Ka with their "Sumi-Ka Pudding" (RM 6 after gst). Much creamier, softer, bouncier than Thean Chun's "Dan Dan (蛋蛋)” Sumi-Ka's Pudding melts in your mouth in bouts of creaminess paired with semi-bitter caramel. Not too sweet and not too bitter, the caramelized sugar compliments the creaminess of the cool pudding and just leaves you wanting more. RM 6? Chef-san! Get me 5 of these!!!


Hype Concept might be a quiet place to have tea (or bland green tea), but if a good piece of chocolate cake made with ze artisan's touch is what you're looking for, turn your backs and walk away. The chocolate fever was dense, hard and compact like how it looks. Like a vacum packed chocolate mousse with no air for a breath at all. Granted, the cafe gets their cakes from god knows where, and I was told to try the purple potato cake thingy majiggy.

Well at least I know chocolate cake here is a no go :(


After Black doesn't come to me as a place I would go to willingly. I don't like the food. Sauce tastes canned, food tastes ok but not worth the hype and I don't really get all the hype about it except shiny lights and pretty decor.

I did try to give it another go a few weeks ago and I was again brought back to why I never would go back unless After Black was the only shop open.

And that appears to be tonight. But it wasn't for food. In lieu of finals being done with, I am now blessed with a screwed up biological clock that makes me wake up at 7 pm with cake cravings at 10 pm. Sadly not many shops open till this late. I tried Garage 51 (never been there) but their cale selection seemed as depressing as the money exchange rate in Malaysia and so to After Black I went... with expectations so low that even Maggie Mee would make me happier.

Of course I have no idea if it was the low expectations or the fact that I really wanted cake. But this night After Blacks Double Chchocolate Mille Crepe (RM 10.90) was something O quite liked. It is neither too sweet or creamy, something I deal with most mille crepes with their overwhelming cream ratio. And they used dark chocolate so the sweetness was toned down but with the richness of chocolate.

The Tiramisu (RM 9.90) was ok. Nothing much to remember by except the nuts at the side tasted a little burnt. Cheese is relatively light in texture and wasn't too heavy.

So it seems while After Black's food leaves me not too impressed, their cakes seem pretty ok. ALL places selling cakes should close at 11 p.m.! THEY SHOULD!


A friend has recently been "endorsing" this cake shop called Souka. They don't call themselves a cafe, they call themselves a Bake Shop. But I guess you can call them a cafe. Located in SS 15, same row as Rakuzen, make note to look out for this place when searching because their canopy is the same color as the building and you just might miss it. Not to mention they don't use any fancy signboards. So yes, look out for it.

The place has password protected wifi, ample parking as well as very little people (came here during lunch hour and there were only 2 tables occupied) with a really cozy ambience.

The banana walnut cake (RM 15) was a little more up there in pricing compared to the other cakes and things we ordered such as the hot mocha (RM 11) and also the chocolate mousse tart (RM 10).

The banana walnut cake was basically banana cake (or banana bread as like to call it) with butter cream frosting and salted caramel with walnuts. The banana cake was not too dense and was kicking my face left, right and centre with the banana power for a thousand chimpanzees. The butter cream frosting was pretty tasteless but I wouldn't call it a bad thing because it let the banana taste to come thru but gave the cake a nice creamy texture. The salted caramel blended gave a little saltiness amongst the sweetness of the cake.

The chocolate mousse tart didn't really give me the impression of a tart. The whilped cream (loads of it might I add) and the chocolate mousse (which had the texture of nutella spread) was all soft creamy. And while I've had my fair share of rock hard crusts, this tart crust was so soft it just mushed together with the cream and cream and I got a while mouth full of creaminess and soft mushiness. Basically the tart didn't give any sort of texture contrast at all. The whole thing was soft. Like the soft and gentle heart I am born with. Or like the mushed peas at the side of your steak.

The mocha was a little disappointing. It tasted a little diluted and watery. Is it the milk? The coffee? The chocolate? I don't know. I felt as though I was drinking weirdly bitter water with diluted milk... or like they made the mocha, it wasn't enough to fill the cup and they just added water.

Souka's cakes were good. Some a little more sweet than the others. Their tarts. meh. their mocha. heh. but I heard they serve beef stew and the likes. Wonder if those are any good.

Oh and they have mad clean toilets! USE THEM!


I'm not even going to bother introducing this place. Cause anyone within a 200 km radius in Subang Jaya knows about this cafe by RT pastry that has opened not to recently ago.

But I'll just talk about the cafe for a bit to increase the word count of this post (I seem to be known for that). RT Pastry is a bakery known for it's extra fluffy and spongey cakes. If you're looking for something dense I suggest you look elsewhere and also their extra fluffy and soft breads (makes me wonder what goes in there. Clouds?) The cafe, opened right beside allows you to choose cakes from the pastry house and eat it in a environmebt of fancy lights,deco and coffee. Oh and also brick walls.

Tho RT now has also what I'd like to call "premium cakes" which are priced waaaaaaay above the normal RT cakes. A slice can range from RM 11.45 (the hummingbird. Shown in pic) to RM 15? 13? I can't seem to remember. Names that I can recall are Tofu Fa Cheesecake, Rose and Mango mousse cake.

The Hummingbird cake is a spiral of flavours and textures from the dense, moist cake, to the crunchy nuts and the mix of cinnamon, apple, banana and god knows what pixie dust and unicorn fur they put inside. Not a bad thing to say that is. So if you like bananas. Apples. Cinnamon. Banana bread and mocha you can give this a try. Hummingbirds might not come flocking to your thinking you are one of them, but at least you can feel like you're one step less away from having a sugar rush and get all fidgety like one


Yes, the name of the cafe is called Morning Wood. Yes I think Reuben Kang was trying to be funny.

MorningWood has been open for approximately more than a month now, previously to occupy the space was the all famous FlatWhite but I guess seeing the success of it, a local Youtube Star and a few others decided to buy over the place, give it a funny name and make it their own. I've heard the barista is the same as the previous one (maybe that's why people say the coffee's still good) but I'm not a coffee drinker so...

Menu for the day:
Red Velvet (RM 11.00)
Frozen Cheesecake: Peach (RM 11.00)

These were apparently their 2 bestsellers. The red velvet was the best seller until the salted caramel cookie cake came. And the frozen cheesecakes were apparently also a favourite amongst many tho what flavour exactly was the best seller is not known.

The red velvet cake was the dream of a sweet tooth. It was dense, moist, balance of butter cream frosting and butter cake ratio. The most important thing of all was that it was sweet and significantly so. Good to be washed down with a cup of flat white, latte or cuppa, but not a Mocha. The mocha there is more on the sweet side and choclate-y those who prefer a more bitter mocha might not agree with it and call it too sweet. The slice was pretty big, enough to feed me and 2 more men. Then again? The men weren't fan of sweets.

The frozen cheesecakes got me as confused as my form 4 add maths problems. Apparently, these cakes are frozen and chucked into the microwave for 5 seconds before serving it to you. Make no mistake though, upon serving the thing was still rock hard. To get it soft you'll need to wait for it to thaw. But honestly, anyone who has frozen anything cream related can tell you it's a bad idea. The water molecules of the cheesecake got all messed up with water coming out from the cake and it look it was sweating. Just imagine getting custard cream out from the refrigerator and leaving it out with a lid over it. Condensation and custard is what you'll get. And water and cheese is what you'll get with this.

They apparently serve mains, but that will be for another day. Operation is until 12.00 a.m. but kitchen closes earlier.

Morning wood... imagine all the jokes. Seriously


Shall I compare thee to a slice of cheesecake? Because you taste exactly like one!

That was what I was thinking the moment I bit into the Mango Peach Yoghurt Cake (RM 9.50) from Espression8 cafe. Opposite Rock cafe, Espression8 was recommended by a friend for their pancakes. And that was what I wanted to try.... if they had it in stock that is... apparently the pancakes had not arrived for the day (which puzzles me... you mean they don't make it in the kitchen?!) So I settled for a slice of cake instead.

The cake tasted like cheesecake. Not a hint of the sourness from the yoghurt I'm used to when consuming anything with the word "yoghurt" in it. The taste of the peach and mango was slight. Just a hint as it hits your tongue the moment you put it into your mouth and then proceed to be taken over by the richness of the cheese. The chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce which is used to write some fancy words in cursive as well as a (scary) smiley face for decoration actually goes well with the cake. If you feel your cake is a little too plain and tastes like Jerry's cheese stash, you could try wiping the plate with your cake. I guarantee you have nothing to lose.

However if you ordered this thinking something slightly sour and creamy coming out of this, you will be as disappointed as the day your significant other forgot your birthday. As a cheesecake... it doesn't really prove to be much as well.

It was like having a one night stand. She wasn't bad. But she wasn't someone I want to see again willingly. Because there are "many other fishes in the sea".


It's a Saturday. And Saturday means studying and also looking for a nice place to indulge in my weekly sinful cake delight at a random spot with hopes that the place will serve me a decent cake my picky palate will approve of. Today it was Ahoy Cafe.

They were having a promotion of a coffee (latte, flat white, or cuppuccino, all hot) and a slice of cake (UP: RM 11.90) for RM 15.

In an ideal world, I would have opted for a Mocha or a Chocolate since I'm not (rather I can't be) a coffee drinker. But today it was a Flat White with a slice of Red Velvet (with prayers that I won't need to make a trip to the hospital). The Red Velvet was really a little too sweet. The strawberry jam by the side was used to tone down the sweetness with its tartness and really, it did a great job. I just wished I had more jam to work with. I can't comment on the coffee itself since I'm not a coffee drinker and I only consume coffee at gun point (mainly because coffee will kill me if I take too much). But the bitterness of the flat white did well to tone down the sweetness of the cake. Texture wise, the cake was dense and moist with the buttercream frosting sportinf hints of lemon in it. Overall tho, in terms of taste, it is a little too sweet for me. Sweet tooths will appreciate it tho.

Oh and the window seats are quite warm.

Finally took me long enough to finally stop by the all-famous Sangkaya the moment it hit SS15. I was lucky to get the first scoop and decided to order the "Signature" (RM 10.50) with my flavours being Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea) and Coconut. For four scoops of the ice cream with coconut meat and all-youwant-what-you-want toppings of your choice, the price wasn't bad on my list.

The Cha Yen flavoured ice cream tasted like...teh tarik. Well rather teh tarik's twin sister with much sass. If there was teh tarik flavoured ice cream it would taste like that with more sugar. The coconut flavoured ice cream didn't leave much of an impact compared to the Cha Yen ice cream (probably cause one was milder and the other quite sweet). But I did enjoy the coconut flavoured ice cream more. It had a mild taste of santan (coconut milk) which reminded me of the Kuih Talam sold by the roadside (which is actually half of what it is). Tho I really wish they had a way to make the ice cream stay cold longer. The Malaysian weather made my poor ice cream melt so fast I only had time for one picture before I melted like a snowman sunbathing.


Fat Baby doesn't really need much of an introduction to some. If you've been to places like the RedBean Bag, Podgy and the Banker, Standing Theory and a few more cafes it's likely you've had their ice cream.

Open on Fridays and Saturdays 2pm - 10pm and Sundays 2pm - 8pm. This shop is located right opposite Oregi SS15, the same row as The Hungry Hog.

I ordered a waffle + double scoop (RM 17) with the flavours Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Peanut Butter + Cookies. The vanilla ice cream was fragrant but not too sweet, like that of cheap vanilla ice cream with way too much sugar. The peanut butter ice cream tasted just a nice dose of peanut butter-eyness with the cookie elements adding a nice crunch. Not too nutty. Not too un-nutty. Paired with their waffles that are crispy but also light and fluffy along with their salted caramel sauce. The whole thing just comes together in harmony.

If I had one thing to complain about. I would want more Bananas.... but that's just me being a banana fan.


I write reviews and stuff. And take pictures as a hobby

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