both dishes were hands down the best dishes on the menu. been to columbus a few times, have tried the burgers, pastas & other dishes but the chicken stew and the salmon soba noodles rose above all!!

i wouldn’t say the chicken stew dish is a stew bc it isn’t as thick as how i would expect a stew to be but it was seasoned beautifully & the flavours were extremely well balanced with the sourdough bread. was extremely filling even though it doesn’t look like it!

salmon soba noodles is an absolute must have! the salmon is soft and the furikake flakes balance the dish out from being plain! extremely flavourful!

service: 10/10 (i only waited 10 mins max for my food!)
ambience: 10/10
food quality: 9.5/10
price: 8/10

definitely would recommend & will be back for more!

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