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"Voted Best Roasted Chicken in Singapore". "Guilt-free, fresh, not frozen, cage-free, cruelty-free and antibiotic-free". "Juiciest and healthiest Roast Chicken you would ever have eaten!". The expectation was raised!
Ordering online was a breeze, delivery took less than 40 mins or so. Nicely pack, the chicken arrived hot. So how did it taste? The skin was crispy, the wings and thigh meat was very tender and juicy, it wasn't oily, but that was all the good thing I can say about it. The other parts of the chicken were dry and tasteless - it needed more seasoning and I had to depend on the sauces for some flavouring and the sauces were not impressive either! The Teriyaki Pineapple was the only sauced that stood out for us. Our Thai chilli sauce tasted "fishy", somehow reminded me of Oysters, The curry sauce was rather bland and came fridge cold.
Overall it was still a decent roast chicken meal - would recommend it if you are looking for a healthy meal. Truth is, chicken breast is very unforgiving of being overcooked, thus I do not order chicken breast that often. In the future, I would order just the Roast Chicken leg instead