What Duk Soo Ne lacks in decor, they make up for with their affordable prices, like the two-hour BBQ buffet for RM35.90 per person. There's something for both flavour junkies and meat purists. You can choose to have your meat well-marinated or simply as it is — the charcoal grill will give it a good smoky flavour. Dive straight for the thick and tasty slices of pork belly and marinated beef. In the buffet line, you'll also find an assortment of banchan (side dishes), soup and tteokbboki (rice cakes) to munch on as your meat cooks. Burppler Tiffany commends the staff for the attentive service that buffets typically lack — they'll be quick to change the hot plate once char begins to form.
Avg Price: RM40
Photo by Burppler Tiffany Ng