Imported draft beers - Pilsner Urquell & O'Hara Irish Stout. Both were delightful in their own way; the Pilsner was light & refreshing, the stout was creamy & had solid coffee notes with but a hint of licorice.

Prices are: $10 for 0.3L, $13 for 0.5L, towers are $48 for 2L, $70 for 3L.

Why come to a craft brewery & drink imported beer? Well, we took a look at the menu given to us by the waitress & we liked what we saw, so we got seated.... Only to be told that the Micro-brewed Czech beers we wanted to try are not available yet because they are still waiting for their brewing licence to be approved. Ah, what a disappointment.

But hey, the imported beers were tasty, so it wasn't a wasted trip.

I shall come back when the micro-brewery is up & running properly. Noticed they have a small piano near the entrance & asked about it. Apparently the owner is a very talented & musical man.. Maybe I can busk for my beer the next time I return. 😂

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
🚫 No free WiFi available (unless you're a hotel guest)