I really went all the way to Yishun for this but I’m glad it didn’t disappoint! The Bak Kut teh here had more of a peppery tinge, which I personally prefer. The pork ribs weren’t as tender, but they weren’t too dry either. One of their popular staples, the dry fried mee sua, was an interesting pair along with the soup. Fried with dark sauce, the mee sua was on the sweeter side — perfect for people who love sweet and savoury flavours coming together. While a great alternative, I am personally still a fan of white rice together with my Bak Kut teh😅 would definitely return try their fried porridge though!

Pork Ribs Soup $7
Braised Beancurd $2
Braised Egg $1
Dry Fried Mee Sua $1
White Mee Sia soup $1


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