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Often when we dine in a restaurant we do not realise the long process of food preparation by the team of chefs is the end results of the dishes you have on the table. More so in restaurants where the executive chef has to plan the entire food experience and ensure that each member of his team comes up with their speciality and then put the different items to create the end product. Hence the quality of the food is based not just on the quality of the ingredients but also the excellent efforts of the chefs.
Maetomo Restuarant & Bar in Sheraton Towers has such a great team. Knowing some of the chefs in that team make me realise the price of the Omakase meal is truly based on the excellent ingredients and skills of the team chefs. Each dish is an art in itself. Not only does each dish look pleasing to the eyes, it’s also very delectable to the palate. Feast the eyes first then your palate. Oishi! Chef Maetomo leads his team well and our dining experience is par excellence.