Heard Buta Kin before since opening Downtown Line back when I still studying poly around 2015 and didn't really wanted to explore there at that time. But I think I should be making a trip to Beauty World for food and my friend said I will be doing it most of time. Travelling for food is one thing that I wanted to do most of time. If you didn't what to order from Buta Kin, you should be ordering Special Tonkatsu Ramen ($7.50) and trying their broth and ramen out. Oh yes, they got different kind of broth from original, black (garlic), red (spicy) and vegetable (non-meat) and making a lot of variety for the Tonkatsu Ramen. I didn't really like their ramen and it's quite normal tbh. Their charshu was really hard to chew lol and don't be impressed me at all =.= but their half boil egg made me so wow and got that yolk flowing out. I really wanted to try Top One Handmade Noodle and also BIG BOYS Sizzling next time for lunch :")))))