Had high expectations for this place because of its many good reviews. But I immediately had an adverse impression when I entered because the waitress kept hounding us for which website we made a reservation on (even though we couldn't remember) even before showing us to a seat. This was despite the fact that the restaurant was 80% empty... |

Well, I'm not a stickler for impeccable service, so I didn't actually think much of that. I mean, the food would make up for it, right? WRONG. When the pizza arrived, it wasn't even the taste that disappointed us. It was the fact that the pizza wasn't very warm and didn't taste freshly baked at all. I don't usually complain to waiters (I've even finished a 'well done' 1kg steak before 🙄) but I felt that a pizza that wasn't even freshly baked was too much. Gingerly, I waved a waitress over to ask for them to just warm up the pizza. And? She said that they couldn't do that because they've put the smoked salmon on top already. Without apologising at all. Oh well. So much for high hopes. |

At least the rigatoni restored some points for the restaurant, though. The pasta was fresh and chewy while the pesto was fresh and fragrant. The buffalo cheese was also quite substantial and creamy. And I like how there was an abundance of sauce to scoop up and savour. 😋 Too bad the experience of other areas here was bad...

| {Rating: 6/10} |