Is this just expensive cai fan? Maybe, but it’s absolutely worth the price to get cai fan with quality sides that are fresh, healthy, neither oily nor salty, and taste delicious.

This set gets you a choice of rice, 2 cold sides, 1 warm side, and a soup. The cold dishes were refreshing, and the warm dishes were hearty. My choices were:
🍚 16-grain rice (it’s either this or white rice or a bun)
🥦 prawn cous cous salad with yuzu-sesame dressing: fresh-tasting, the broccoli and prawns both have a great bite
🥚 vegetable omelette: this is packed with edamame, corn, carrots and mushrooms, which provided wonderful texture in every mouthful in the midst of plenty of egg
🍘 tofu patty with shiitake mushroom sauce: this was the only dish I wouldn’t shout about. It’s not bad, but I’ve had less dry tofu patties. The other meaty warm sides looked good though.
🥕 carrot and cumin soup: fragrant with the sweetness of carrots and creamy but not overly so

Overall a good and satisfying meal! Only downside was the lack of staff that resulted in long queue despite there being many empty seats (I went early, the seats get filled up at dinner time and the queue gets correspondingly longer).