Housed within Stirling, Stirling houses different concepts during the day with One Man Coffee, Stirling and MiCreme Lab operating throughout different hours. MiCreme Lab operates from 5:30pm alongside Stirling every day and offers waffles that are pretty unique to themselves. One would be this Lemon Meringue Waffle which comes with Fresh Lemon Waffles (yes, the batter contains lemon zest), meringue, lemon sauce with the recommended flavour of Honey Lavender ice-cream to go along. The Honey Lavender ice-cream is something that those who prefer more dimension of sweetness to their ice-cream would pick — zingy and naturally sweet without trying to burn the throat, it's soothing while it carries a floral aroma and definitely something to choose that is light and refreshing to the tastebuds. The waffle was a little limp — not as crisp as expected but still rather plush inside, and carried familiar flavours of childhood Lemon Biscuits by Kong Guan with the flavours of the buttermilk batter and lemon zest coming together as one. The crumbles adds a little crunchiness to add a little texture to the dessert, though it would be nicer if they were more crisp. While the lemon sauce worked well with a good balance of zing and sweetness just like how one would a good lemon meringue tart, the meringue was a little too airy and tasted charred for some parts were burnt when they blowtorched it. MiCreme Lab's has some potential, and their creative approaches to the classic cafe favourite is commendable especially where they seek to replicate an all-time favourite dessert in waffle form. While they managed pull it off quite decently with some cred, there are some details that perhaps they could look into (e.g. the burnt meringue) to improve the overall experience of the dish in particular.