Signature noodles(5 nett+1$half egg) Asked for abalone sauce but they forgot to give me so meh. The fishballs are really good tho no idea how they make fishballs so flavourfull and juicy. Quite mediocre otherwise without the abalone(or sauce) and definitely dont order the eggs lol(they said japanese eggs but its just half a soft boiled egg no marinade whatsoever)

Salt baked chicken thigh(5.9nett) come on this is the reason why everyone comes here. U know theyre confident of their chicken when they make u use chopsticks and spoons. Supremely tender and succulent, u really dont need anything other than chopsticks to devour this beautiful meat. Really well seasoned with depth of flavour on its own, but goes well with the mindblasting(lmao it was good) sauce. Loved the chili lime sauce so much i added it to my noodles. Just cos its addictive doesnt mean it doesnt pack a punch tho. Super worth it for 5.9

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