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Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Meat was quite chewy, sauce was also not v strong. The sesame oil aroma comes thru the most in the sauce, which isn't really a good thing. I really believed I was eating goose because the texture of the meat was that different from the good roast ducks I've had. Not that it's particularly bad tho

Chili was strong and that kinda made up for it, there's a herbaceousness

Rlly unique chili with a distinctly herbal undertone. Not bad at all

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Not the biggest fan of pumpkin cake in general, this one was okay

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It tastes so "normal" but it's executed so well. I mean that in the sense where it isn't very different from normal soon kueh, but the generous amount of hae bee gave it such a mellow sweetness and fullness of body. Doesn't need anything else, a must-try at this stall


Their kuehs are q big and I love the skin that has a bit of flour texture to it, apart from being soft and carrying a slight chew, compared to the clear mochi-esque skins that I'm used to

The smell is really pungent but the taste wasn't very sharp, super addictive and hard to stop eating. Highly recommended!


It's a standalone restaurant at exactly the address so don't go hunting at the nearby hawker centres.

Chicken rice was q fragrant, but the shao rou could be better. Biscuity skin but was hard, and the top was actually burnt. Meat was really lean so it was q tough, though I guess for this leanness it's already cooked well. Quite a bit of flavour though.

Soya sauce chicken was stellar. The meat was so smooth and tender, one of the best I've had. Normally not a fan of soya sauce chicken but I could get used to this. Sauce was also really sticky, so good.

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PSA it's located on the exterior of the building, and the sliced ginger is so Thin and numerous do ask for it to be taken out if u dont like ginger

Exceedingly smooth, this was a food bowl of Fish Congee and there wasnt any bones(take note this isnt the parrotfish belly congee which might contain bones). The Fish came in the form of Small chunks. While parrotfish is a tasty Fish, it really doesnt affect the taste of the congee that much, compared to other kinds of Fish. So not rlly worth it imo

The set w Drinks and Eggs go for 5.7 if i rmb correctly

In the words of my friend, the bread tastes like biscuits from texas Fried chicken lol. Not too bad, with the Kaya being a little eggy and the orange coming in the form of orange peels. Taste like chen pi mei(preserved orange peels?), not really my thing when used in this bread but certainly not awful tasting in any way.

Kaya was slightly eggy and coconutty, toast was slightly crispy, rlly not too bad

Milo was really sweet tho

Price was very reasonable for airport fare

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I didnt even look at the menu but Double shot sounds like a rlly good idea so that's what i went with

The durian mousse had a few Small ice crystals but the flavour was on point. So fragrant and sweet enough. I love durian desserts that are so gao i have to take a sip of water halfway before continuing.

And if u tot the durian mousse was strong, wait till u taste the durian puree. Ridiculously moreish and intense, ill advise not to start with that or your appreciation of the mousse will be affected. Worth the walk despite the ulu location, and quite packed considering the location as well

What surprised me was the number of young people who would come to this rather Traditional looking place

Jumbo prawns are abit overrated cos u know how they're gonna taste imo. The pig tail and pork ribs were v tender, but what's most stunning about them was their intense porky flavour. Sambal was decent but not great, while their yellow Noodles were thinner than normal and had some Spring, though it still got that sticky starchiness. Their soup was absolutely intense, though more porky than seafood-tasting.

Idk why but their butter seems to meld with the Kaya better than most others. Their Kaya was super thick and despite the texture, it surprisingly didnt taste very eggy at all. Served cold, it was super shiok against the warm bread that was very crispy. Doesnt seem like any element was crazy on its own, but so incredibly good tgt that i am tempted to make a return visit despite the location. Definitely top 5 Kaya toast I've ever tried

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Would travel for food

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