Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

4 flavours: corn, peanut, Kaya, banana

The kuih was pretty decent, there's a slight crisp and the bits of shredded coconut provided much delight in texture and bursts of flavour.

Banana and corn were particularly well infused, maybe cos we had it hot. Masterful execution, must try!

When it's hot(we waited for a fresh batch), the interior is almost custardy instead of like kuih. Incredibly good

Bun was decent, their filling was extremely fluffy and quite juicy for a bae. This one's worth a try

So I just learnt soon keuh contains both jicama and bamboo shoots, no wonder there's so many funny names

Jicama is mangguang, also known as white turnip(that's obviously a misnomer as it's not related to turnip)

Anyway their chive kuih has a lousy texture but their soon Kueh(which contains mainly mangguang/jicama/white turnip) is pretty decent, rather light tasting.

First time having KL hokkien mee actually. It tastes basically like what you expect, very sweet soy sauce dominating everything else. Seems like yellow noodles but this was more palatable than most.

I would think it's a decent rendition, worth a try if you've never had it anywhere

Mee hoon kueh has a good texture, the centre was just a teeny bit floury but it's fine for soup(they don't do a dry version here)

The soup was rlly light but I liked it a lot. It's v comforting. Meatballs were fine

Basically a fantastic sick person food haha.

Their porridge is damn sticky, even the aftertaste is super sticky. I guess it's to do with how they poured the prawn oil into the porridge. Not that it's bad, it's just very interesting. I'm personally ambivalent towards it

But the prawns were absolutely stunning. Not sure how they achieved it in a little pan but it really is extremely well pan fried, crispy skin and insane aroma from the prawn oil. The most stunning part apart after the aroma is the texture. It's very bouncy, not in the way frozen prawns are. Don't leave it in the porridge as it will overcook, it's perfect when it is served so fish it out asap

250g. It's quite thick, well flavoured on the exterior, texture was good as well(similar to the pork), and ribeye cap was very fatty and full of flavour

It's very different from the usual sirloin at other places, and really lives up to what you expect steak to taste like.

One of the few places I approve for steak, really value for money with this quality. This is proper steak(not the hawker stuff) despite the locash

Quite crispy, a little dry. They rectified it by serving it with ratatouille? though which was v wet.

Cooked well, it's got bite but neither chewy nor tough. Texture is rlly v similar to steak

Small issue but they said it's gonna be medium rare, came out closer to medium to medium well

Quite tender, well executed, and very value for money

The prices are gourmet af, I think the seafood soups start at 15 and go up to 20+

The fish otah was rlly not bad, extremely soft almost like a spread which makes sense in a toast, some heat and strong aroma and spices.

Would travel for food

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