Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Kaya was slightly eggy and coconutty, toast was slightly crispy, rlly not too bad

Milo was really sweet tho

Price was very reasonable for airport fare

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I didnt even look at the menu but Double shot sounds like a rlly good idea so that's what i went with

The durian mousse had a few Small ice crystals but the flavour was on point. So fragrant and sweet enough. I love durian desserts that are so gao i have to take a sip of water halfway before continuing.

And if u tot the durian mousse was strong, wait till u taste the durian puree. Ridiculously moreish and intense, ill advise not to start with that or your appreciation of the mousse will be affected. Worth the walk despite the ulu location, and quite packed considering the location as well

What surprised me was the number of young people who would come to this rather Traditional looking place

Jumbo prawns are abit overrated cos u know how they're gonna taste imo. The pig tail and pork ribs were v tender, but what's most stunning about them was their intense porky flavour. Sambal was decent but not great, while their yellow Noodles were thinner than normal and had some Spring, though it still got that sticky starchiness. Their soup was absolutely intense, though more porky than seafood-tasting.

Idk why but their butter seems to meld with the Kaya better than most others. Their Kaya was super thick and despite the texture, it surprisingly didnt taste very eggy at all. Served cold, it was super shiok against the warm bread that was very crispy. Doesnt seem like any element was crazy on its own, but so incredibly good tgt that i am tempted to make a return visit despite the location. Definitely top 5 Kaya toast I've ever tried

Bread was quite crispy and the generous cold butter worked well against the warm bread. Ask for more Kaya as they usually give a Thin layer.

P. S. Make sure u queue at the Kaya queue inside, outside for nasi lemak?


Chicken itself was really smooth and tender. However what sets them apart is their sauce, which tastes v diff from the normal chicken rice soya Sauce. It's reminiscent of oyster sauce, and its savouriness was something i enjoyed, though my dining partner(a self proclaimed purist) didnt like it as much. Their chili is good too, as it's more sour than spicy in a very refreshing way. The soup had such a depth of flavour that i tot there's definitely some root veggies involved. Instead, the chef told me that it's just a very generous amount of chicken bones, with blue ginger (? If i remember correctly)

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Note the deal ends on 31st dec so hurry

Almost a robbery at basically 4nett per bowl, that's filling for one and in an air con environment. And clearly the ingredients were really generous. You'll feel bad for redeeming this deal as u wonder how much loss they incur from u haha

Noodles were slightly soft but the mushrooms had a nice slight chew to them. Sambal had a rather strong ikan bilis taste, but not overwhelming to the point of unpleasantness at all. There's a slight citrusy brightness to the sambal as well.

The highlight is definitely the soup which was incredibly flavourful and chock full of ingredients. The numerous slices of pork liver were all cooked to a perfect softness somehow, despite being a lot more well done than usual stalls. Maybe because of that, the porky stench is almost nonexistent. Fishballs were soft, springy and ginormous. Prawn was fresh and not the crystal kind as well. And finally the meatball was utterly delicious with a soft texture yet retaining some bite.

What an absolute gem. My friend declared on the spot that he's definitely returning

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Rather clean tasting soup though it seems q cloudy. Organs were cooked well, esp the pork stomach which was very tender. The soup had a predominantly sour taste profile from the pickled veggies and the chili had an edge to it.

Not bad and there's a short queue despite the location

Pork was incredibly tender and came off the bone easily. The meat itself was lightly seasoned though. Can taste the natural flavours and quality of the pork itself.

Soup was thick and has a strong bite, particularly at the back of the throat.

At 11 after gst svc, it's certainly not cheap but taste wise, it's probably the best ive had so far(not that ive tried too many, since joo siah is rlly near my house and it's damn good).

Idk how the pork ribs fare but it's definitely worth paying a little extra for this

Rather expensive, comes to more than 10$ after gst and svc

It was above average, but somehow wasnt strong enough. U can eat it on its own if u try, without rice. Meat was really tender but some pieces were v lean, thus being dry and tough.

Soup was eerily similar to joo siah, except the bite is at the back of the throat instead of your mouth. Nonetheless very good

Unfortunately return visit gave us this rather soggy steamed bread. Probably cos theres a new staff. The rest of the items were fine

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Fared slightly better with less goopiness and the sharper sour notes

Would travel for food

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