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Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
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Char siew with a nice chew from the fats. Incredibly luxurious but I wish there were more of those supremely sinful charred bits. Not to mention generous portion!

Glad that they use really good bananas and the banana taste comes thru more than anything. The egg is actually barely perceptible, except for contributing to a fluffy texture. Though I specifically clarified that it's a dessert prata, for some reason they still served it with curry lol.
Though the egginess is mild I would still recommend getting any other of the dessert prata as the egg doesn't gel with the banana well

P.S. feel free to ask them for condense milk to be drizzled

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The sweetness wasn't as prominent as I had expected but there really was a lot of umami from the mayo and the chicken luncheon meat. Though finally this seems to be the line lol, because of the ingredients even they can't get this prata to be crispy haha(understandably ofc). Again, probably worth a try after you've had their excellent kosong, egg and red bean pratas

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Really thin prata which was filled with a generous amount of red bean paste. Extremely crispy but not crispy consistently throughout, though it was still very very good. Sort of like 小杨锅盔 crisps but better I might argue, due to the generous amount of red bean.

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Really aromatic tandoori chicken with that slight tinge of sourness. Quite crispy throughout but get it to share as it loses its crisp after a while. The cheese also becomes slightly less stretchy and soft as time passes, not to mention it's very jelak after a while. So one portion actl feeds 2 comfortably. Expectedly the cheese doesn't combine with the curry perfectly, but both the murtabak and the curry are good enough alone that their combination isn't too bad either.

Verdict: magical from the first bite, but not as good as you progress from piece to piece. Worth a try after you've had springleaf's kosong and egg


While I am definitely a loyal fan of ENAQ and sin Ming, I have to say this is probably the best egg prata I've had. Crispy throughout(really rare for an egg prata), with the egg spread out evenly into every corner. Not to mention the smokiness. Divine...

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One of the best plain pratas I've had lately. Compared to the doughy kind at enaq, this one is more flaky and fluffy, just up my alley. Had a nice bite and really crispy too!

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First time I'm trying this and quite like it. The transition between the diluted condensed milk and the tea is really something. However the ice melts quickly and the tea dilutes quickly as well so don't wait.

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Can't really discern much apart from the faint gochujang sauce. The shredded beef was less dry than I expected though

Really does taste like a mild chicken masala despite the colour! Still ok

The best out of the 3. Can really taste the porky juiciness even with the marinade. A hassle to eat though with the shredded lettuce

Lighter and slightly more watery than most, this was still delicious though

Would travel for food

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