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Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Rather clean tasting soup though it seems q cloudy. Organs were cooked well, esp the pork stomach which was very tender. The soup had a predominantly sour taste profile from the pickled veggies and the chili had an edge to it.

Not bad and there's a short queue despite the location

Pork was incredibly tender and came off the bone easily. The meat itself was lightly seasoned though. Can taste the natural flavours and quality of the pork itself.

Soup was thick and has a strong bite, particularly at the back of the throat.

At 11 after gst svc, it's certainly not cheap but taste wise, it's probably the best ive had so far(not that ive tried too many, since joo siah is rlly near my house and it's damn good).

Idk how the pork ribs fare but it's definitely worth paying a little extra for this

Rather expensive, comes to more than 10$ after gst and svc

It was above average, but somehow wasnt strong enough. U can eat it on its own if u try, without rice. Meat was really tender but some pieces were v lean, thus being dry and tough.

Soup was eerily similar to joo siah, except the bite is at the back of the throat instead of your mouth. Nonetheless very good

Unfortunately return visit gave us this rather soggy steamed bread. Probably cos theres a new staff. The rest of the items were fine

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Fared slightly better with less goopiness and the sharper sour notes

Thick but not in a good way, and lacking much taste except for the cardamom pods.

Surprisingly not as sweet as i had expected, and thus my friend was able to scoop up all the pooling condensed milk.


having been only to the original and jcube outlets, this has quickly become one of the best Prata places in my books. However the egg Prata here was, while still really crispy, slightly hard. Thus i can imagine other outlets doing worse

Portion is still ok and my friend's advice is to go for the extra gravy. Decent rendition, and i definitely loved it more than the dry ones. He also advised that the pork belly is the best meat here and yes, it was quite tender and nicely chewy. However, the spice standard is really mild as the Small Spicy almost wasnt spicy at all. If youre not allergic to heat do at least order the medium spicy, dont make the mistake i made.

P. S. Liked that they allow u to choose your preference of oil and saltiness level. The lower oil and saltiness definitely allowed me to enjoy my bowl more

Really good. They have portions for different pax so not to worry. Luckily i got mine when there was no one in line, yet it was still a 15mins wait

Though the wait was definitely worth it. Dare i say perfectly steamed Fish, such that my first mouthful just disintegrated. Super fresh as well, with no fishiness. Sauce was good and between the sourness and spiciness, it doesnt cover up the natural taste of the Fish at all. Though even at less spicy my mouth was alr tingling, so i would advise only those who know they can handle heat to ask for the normal spiciness.

Btw avoid the Plum slices and Plum seeds as they overwhelm your tastebuds(and they look like the Salted veg). Everything else in the bowl can be eaten

Toast were quite crispy and the steamed peanut buns were esp good. There's sth about their peanut spread, could be because they are more generous w it but it's more savoury and intense than other outlets, super good.

This is the one that's air conditioned and standalone, not the one oppposite thats in a hawker centre.

What impressed me the most was the soup, which was super flavourful, so much so that i would understand if people chose to get the soup version instead. They said it's just Bak chor but there's more umami in it, probably from sth like dried sole Fish powder as well.

Everything was decent, esp the Base sauce with a scoop of that incredible soup and their sambal, which was grainy, well spiced, and had a burn.

Very enjoyable and slurp worthy

Would travel for food

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