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Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Sausage was complex even though I didn't like the texture. It was abit hard

Char siew had a good balance of fats and meat, and was very tender too. Got some well charred bits on the outside. Overall a very good choice

Duck had a slightly crispy skin, and very well rendered fats. They do live up to their name of a roast duck place

Ultimately, I would say they're deserving of the price. Not bad

P.S. chili sauce was normal chicken rice chili despite the interesting colour

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Filled w near melt in your mouth flavourful brisket?, could do w a tad more meat but the bun wasn't dry so it's alr v well balanced. Delicious!

The beef short ribs was v familar, kinda reminiscent of jerky? Q tender and flavourful, good to go w the slightly bland kway teow. Texture of the thin kway teow was on point though, just slippery enough, has a little bite and has some structural integrity. Chili was decent but maybe there's a lot of kway teow(evidently from the picture), it disappears after being mixed.

Tendon was v soft, highly recommended! Overall it's a good dish, worth a try

PS this is the smallest portion, go for bigger ones as they're q worth it for the extra meat

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RMB to return to get the $1 tray fee back

Highly encourage topping up 1$ as this could do with more pork. The BBQ sauce over the onsen egg was near imperceptible. The sauce is the v normal "Japanese" sweet sauce and the pork could be a bit more tender. Overall passable though

3 ingredients can only be medium or large. Even tho it's medium there's only 2 of each ingredient. Abit astounded

Came across the law of the excluded middle, and I think the food here really exemplifies the concept. It's either v good or v bad, there's little in between(save for the noodles). The pork ribs and pigtail were both q tough and dry. The chili was terribly bland(definitely get the soup ver). Even the lard was absolutely tasteless. Only the prawn was clean tasting if not seasoned at all.

HOWEVER, the soup was stunning. Really heady from the very first sip, the sweetness of the crustaceans really come thru. I love prawn noodles and have had many, and I can say that this is a unique soup, even though many have the same style of mainly prawn(instead of pork bones).

Haven't had the original branch, but I do believe they do their pork better

If I could choose again, I would probably get a small bowl of jumbo prawn in soup

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The chicken was pretty dang good, smooth and meaty. Very very satisfying bite. Exceptional sauce with a delicate complexity made by cooking down soya sauce. Everything is in harmony and boosts each other, incl the soup which isn't too thick but hides a lot of flavour too. Be sure to have everything together, the staff said they use high quality ingredients and I think it really shows.

The chili was q punchy, w a strong garlic kick. V well rounded. The ginger was balanced too, without too much bite and has a bit of the soup restaurant vibes.

No more Duroc pork from Spain, now is sakura pork from Japanese. Very very different according to the staff


Restaurant quality dish. Nonetheless, again it's barely seasoned. Not to mention the amount of oil. Ginger didn't have any kick. I really have to say, despite the execution being quite flawless, you really have to understand that it's food for old people/light tastebuds. Else you will be sorely disappointed.

Not gonna lie I was low key appalled when I saw the bill, esp the 1.5nett add on. Nonetheless when I received the bowl I was convinced

The add on is worth the price, the amount of salted egg is on par w the amount of century egg lol. It's not too salty either.

The execution was too notch. U can tell the skill, the congee was so smooth and layered.

HOWEVER, they did warn me about the lack of seasoning and they definitely delivered on that. It's the best sick people/old people food, it's sooooo bland. Do ask for soy sauce and I'm sure you're gonna have a much better experience then I did.

Difficult to evaluate this without considering the lack of seasoning, but I guess otherwise it's a must try lol

Would travel for food

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