Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Minced meat had a familiar yet unique combination of seasonings, char siew was not the best texture but like their original branch, the sweetness was somewhat different from what you're used

overall same standard as the original bedok branch

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Quite tender and quite comforting, generous portion

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The venison was reasonably tender. Spring onion and scallion flavours were on point as well.

Overall decent

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The seafood was very good, the bite was unique

Sauce was oily tho, it's like an oily pasta w some greens rather than a proper pesto, plus the pesto was weak

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The risotto is quite decent actl w truffle taste.

The sautéed eringii was brilliant though, it's incredibly juicy and flavourful, despite the simple lemon juice seasoning. I couldn't get enough of it and can't quite figure out the secret

Must try if you're here

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The exceptional yellow sauce was honey mustard according to the staff, I can't be sure since I havent had honey mustard in a while but this seems a lot less spicy and much more tangy sweet.

Nonetheless it really works

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The duck here is getting terrible. Despite the thin slices it's still tough

The rest were fine, esp the small intestines which were basically perfect, incredibly well braised and goes well w their two excellence chili sauces

Rice was chewy but the flavour was lacking

Tofu sauce was alright but it's too hard.

Ckn was tough and way too parsimonious

Cucumber was nice tho, and generous

Overall very overpriced and not good either

The flavour is really carried by the minced meat and the sauces, as well as the good pork lard.

The chili has a strong raw heat. GO EASY ON THE CHILI, otherwise you're gg to sweat almost immediately.

But ofc everything works well enough tgt, it's a very satisfying bowl

Light suace was nice and the porridge was clean tasting, very different from the thick kind that's more popular(both sauce and grains)

A lot of random things but the meat portion wasnt generous

Still satisfying overall

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The two pax set is really not v worth, u get thin slices of duck breast. Chilli is still spectacular and the rest of the components weren't bad

The wait for the food was 20mins at 1740 on a sat night. their wait time is still annoying cos of the takeaways

This was a good cream based carbonara, at least as far as cream based ones go. Mushroom and bacon were not too strong, and it was pleasant overall


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