Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Sambal was mixed w vinegar, didn't really like it as it lacked profile and umami. It's stil decent overall.

Pass on the meatballs, it's not that good. Doesn't really taste like meat lol, possibly(sth I learnt from pursuit of happiness) too much floor?

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2.88++ per 100
Mala soup base with spicy level medium probably is good for most ppl, just get your nose watering but can still continue without stopping

I quite like the soup base(there's quite a bit of msg though), it's not very mala per se in that there isn't much oil, rather it's a thin soup base with numbness and heat from powder. Very drinkable if you don't worry about MSG, I almost finished my huge bowl. There's a simultaneous tingling from the peppercorns and drying from msg which creates an interesting sensation lol

Definitely whack their beef, their beef is pretty high quality for this price, you can tell from the marbling.

Pork belly was very tough, not recommended.

Baby cabbage was absolutely on point, its so sweet

Tofu skin was okay, lotus root was very good, it retains the crunch and sweetness

Pass on their mushrooms, it wasnt v good.

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RMB TO CALL IN AND ORDER IN ADVANCE, not only to secure seats but it's pretty shiok to see the claypot alr there once u arrive don't have to wait lol

Smallest portion, everything was pretty decent, ckn had a good texture. But their socarrat really cmi, it's hard and sticks to your teeth. So DO NOT SCRAPE THE BOTTOM, ik it seems like it defeats the purpose of claypot rice but trust me you'll have a better time. There's a reason why the staff doesn't scrape the bottom when they mix it for you. Sambal was not bad, can mix into your own bowl

Don't think it's worth a special trip but certainly good enough to satisfy cravings

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Pretty good, everything on the plate was above average. Worth a try


Duck and sauce wasn't as good as their bugis outlet, ckn char siew was ok, just think of it as honey ckn. Sambal was incredible as ever, it's basically a chili jam w a slow and serious burn. Addictive stuff

Ingredients cooked pretty well, esp the kinda crunchy cuttlefish. Satay sauce was on the sweeter side, not my thing but otherwise it's a solid bowl, esp at this price in a shopping mall

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A surprise in its own right, the bakkwa taste is the mildest I've had from any sort of bakkwa product. U really need to carefully savour it to notice the bakkwa flavour

Overally, skin is really good, but apart from the beetroot the rest of the fillings were only above average. Hardly worth the mad hype, nor the travel. The people here were nice and accomodating tho!


Stark contrast to the rest. This one was super intense, both in terms of heat and savouriness

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PSA If u haven't heard, they don't serve chili sauce and soya sauce. Quite a pity if you ask me. Also their fillings are almost all on the milder side so it really needs the sauce for the saltiness

Classic: Filling was q mild

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This was q special, tastes significant different from your normal soon Kueh. Liked it

Update: went to check back on my previous review more than 2 years ago and seems like I loved it back then too haha

Idk why there's a very homemade taste to it. And I mean that in a neutral way. Weird

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Would travel for food

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