Atas Hawker

Atas Hawker

Food thats supposed to be in a hawker or is in a hawker but priced above normal
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

15% off takeaway

Their chili sauce is v sour and hot, not much body.

Meatballs were good, the juices inside were such a joy. Their soup was full of umami, incredibly complex from some kind of preserved vegetables. However, once it cools I almost spat out a mouthful. Full of msg and way too salty and sweet. Probably don't drink too much of it even though it's hard to stop.

Nonetheless, if you disregard health, when it's hot it's really a must try

15% off takeaway

Ain't rlly a sauce, more just dry chili which you add the soup to (to rehydrate the noodles and adhere the dry chili) but it's absolutely bomb. There's a significant amount of heat but it's utterly tantalising. Century egg is worth, not to mention helping you cool some of that fire. Minced meat was well seasoned too.

Let's just say you take away the chili you can probably get this at 5bucks max, but now it's selling for 12 for good reason. Must try

Swopped prawns for meat patty

The broth is a cheat lol, it's good but it's closer to tonkotsu in both flavour and texture rather than those clean seafood soups. Ofc it's gonna be satisfying haha

Toman was tender but I guess I just don't like the texture of this fish. They have 2 kinds of meat products, one is meatloaf cut into strips which has amazing flavour probably from fried fish bones, the other is the meat patty which was bouncy but not otherwise too special. Though I asked for them to swop prawns for meat patty, I have no idea if the two patties are more than usual or the strips are more than usual lol.

Nonetheless this place is pretty solid. The price is well justified by the thickness of the soup and the amount of ingredients(ofc the freshness too)

Damn this was good. Light and mildly savoury from the small prawns, with nice pieces of pumpkin for sweetness. It's the opposite of those that appear v yellow but there's no flavour at all

Pulled pork was a tad dry on its own but this is a very sloppy burger that is well sauced so it's balanced out. Messy but quite delicious, value for money at this price.

Their coleslaw seems to be cabbage topped w a sauce tho. Maybe it's cos of takeaway and they don't want it to get soggy? The orange zest in the sauce was nice but the texture of the raw cabbage wasn't too

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17.sth on grab, with 25% discount means I paid 13. Is this insane markup only for grab or for all other food delivery platforms?

Nonetheless the food was good. Sumptuous oil on the thin spaghetti(spaghettini?) was savoury from the garlic, and pair really well with the sweet snappy prawns. A good rendition and very worth it at the price I paid.

Idk about paying 20bucks for 3 prawns at the normal price though

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The set makes it slightly cheaper than normal. No idea how they calculate the discount of 40% off cos 3.8nett+1nett is 4.8nett so UP shld be about 4.8(this was 6.8 for 2 sets)

Nonetheless, glad the spicy minced ckn porridge maintained its standard. This was less seasoned but the ckn balls were good and I particularly enjoyed the braised peanuts. Gf liked this a lot more, I prefer the stronger tasting spicy minced ckn

This was a delicious find(yay me). In fact I was more surprised by this than the frog porridge. Super savoury and just enough kick to let you notice, very addictive but it doesn't go well with porridge cos the sauce not gao enough to overwhelm the thick porridge. Enjoy it on its own and take sips of porridge.

Worth a try!!

Their sauce is more savoury than sweet and has a nice kick to it, which is probably not enough for spice lovers once u mix into the porridge but I loved how I could suck on the bones to extract the meat without fearing for my mouth burning.

It lives up to expectations, and no wonder they have a bib gourmand. Basically nothing to complain about(maybe except service by a golden hair lady. The moment she opened her mouth I knew the food is going to be good HAHA)

Oh and waiting time is quite long because they cook on the spot. We went there just as they opened and still needed to wait a while for the dish

Good portion, we couldn't finish. Quite fragrant from the sesame oil but tasteless as it should be because it goes with the sauce

Not good. The pork belly was tough and the braising liquid was found wanting, despite the addition of dried cuttlefish? Which was very tough. Very sad for this price

Egg was not bad at all. Chili was good too because it's less spicy than normal without compromising on any of the flavour so you can heap more onto the food without burning your mouth haha

The kway was delicious though, it has a bite and it's made a lot better with the translucent flavourful soup suitably amped up with white pepper. Get it on its own without the overpriced sad claypot pork belly

Overall hits and misses, I won't make a trip here. Come here if you're in the area before/after the crowd, and know damn well exactly what to order

This was delicious, the pumpkin sweetness came through, but just enough such that it's still a savoury porridge. The meatballs had a pleasant mushy "fibrous" texture, kinda reminiscent of xlb filling. Ultimately this was a win, but the plain pumpkin porridge only costs 2+, which is what a rational foodie should choose haha(idk if you're allowed to add on ingredients to that, otherwise everyone would do that)

Would travel for food

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