Hai Nan Xing Zhou Beef Noodles is definitely one of the stars of Kim Keat Palm Hawker Centre and many websites would recommend this as a must-try if you dine here. We were bigger fans of the dry beef noodles and hence, we decided to order the dry version, which costs only $5 if you want only beef slices. The prices will be slightly higher if you want to add other items, such as beef balls or tendons.

We felt that the most unique feature of the beef noodles here would be the gravy, which is generally sweet but has a slightly salty taste to it. Perhaps the broth was prepared with a little bit of 咸菜? Squeeze some of the lime to add a slight sourish tinge to the broth and it's definitely going to be one of the most distinct bowls of beef noodles you ever had. Beef slices were generous and they were cooked nicely, as they were not overly tough to chew.

We visited the hawker centre on a weekday afternoon and were decently pleased to find that there wasn't a queue at the stall.

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