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Hawker Finds

Featuring Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), 75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup (Golden Mile Food Centre), Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre & Market, Ann Chin Popiah (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre), Ashes Burnnit (Golden Mile Food Centre), Kwong Satay (Geylang), Hong Xing Handmade Fishball • Meatball Noodle (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), Morning Bak Kut Tea (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), Famous Old Airport Fried Oyster (Old Airport Road Food Centre)
Pat Jon
Pat Jon

I got this char siew roast pork rice from one of the stalls opposite Ann Chin Popiah (cannot remember the name already). Char siew was a good mix of fatty and lean parts, whereas the roast pork was a little tough, even as its skin was really crispy. ☺️ The chilli sauce served had a good mix of spiciness and sweetness, which I thought complemented the rest of the dish pretty well.

For $3.50, the serving of meat was pretty generous. Furthermore, this stall does not have much of a queue so it is worth a shot if you are in a rush to have your lunch!

Ann Chin Popiah comes with soft skin, filled with flavourful turnip and a lot of crunchy peanut bits! Note that the stall has a spicy option for their popiah, but their chilli is spicier than that of the average popiah stall so do specify "less chilli" if you are not good with spicy food! Queue can be long on weekends as well!

This stall serves the dry version of hokkien mee, with a good serving of thin white bee hoon and yellow noodles, and topped with two prawns. This dish comes with really little gravy, most of which was absorbed by the noodles, although this makes the dish pretty suitable for takeaways. The highlight of the dish is really the fiery chilli, which is really spicy and awesome when eaten with the noodles. Do try it before mixing it into your noodles because it may be too spicy for some.

This stall has quite a few outlets, so it isn't a must-try if you are at Old Airport Road. However, if you are craving for spicy hokkien mee, do go for it!

Oysters with fried egg and cornstarch! In particular, the cornstarch was fried well, being crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside! This stall also serves some of the biggest oysters (in orh luak) I have seen, and they were really fresh! Mix everything with the stall's chilli paste and you are good to go!

However, I must say that I thought the serving was pretty small for the $6 serving, and a large part of the price must really be for the oysters. This is not a bad thing, though, if you are planning to order many dishes to try at the hawker centre!

Despite being one of the more famous stalls at Old Airport Road, there wasn't much of a queue and I only had to wait around 10 minutes for my order to be ready.

Came back here today to get the $5.50 bowl of signature wanton mee for breakfast!! The amount of ingredients provided was really generous and never fails to impress. Just look at the amount of char siew served, and there is a good mix of lean and fatty pieces!! The fried wanton was really crispy, while the steamed ones had a lot of meat filling in them. 😋

Would encourage everyone to come for breakfast because there isn't a queue and it's a lot easier to find a seat at the hawker centre!

This stall is pretty popular during lunch time, be prepared to queue! For $5, you get a generous portion of kolomee with dumplings, egg and charsiew. I went for the original sauce and no chilli as the chilli is really spicy! (They do offer 3 spice levels though)

The kolomee was springy and was topped with a small bit of minced meat and spring onion. The minced meat was the cherry on the cake, wish there was more. The dumplings were yummy as well; the water chestnuts inside gave a juicy crunch to every bite. The char siew was well marinated and tender, there's even an option to choose lean or fatty ones. Overall a real value for money meal, definitely recommend! .

Bonus plus point: They don't use MSG.

While the stall is most famous for their peanut soup, I do get their ginger soup sometimes as the peanut soup can be a little too filling, especially if you have had other nice things to eat at Golden Mile! However, the ginger soup can be pretty inconsistent, and it can taste overly strong if you are served soup from the bottom of the pot.

Went for 2 yam tangyuan and 2 green tea tangyuan as these two flavours are not found in most shops. Personally preferred the yam as it contained yam filling with a pretty noticeable taste of yam!

Liked that this came with quite a lot of chilli! For $3, this came with a really generous serving of ingredients (meatballs, minced pork, mushrooms and pig liver). 😋 Feel free to add your own vinegar if you are a fan of it too.

However, I think the noodles were slightly overcooked, and it would have been even better if they were more springy!

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Chicken 60c/pc, Pork Belly :$1.20/pc. Min 10 pieces, 5 per type.

Forgo the chicken satay and get the pork belly ones. There was nothing special about the chicken satay compared to the ones you can get at hawker satay stalls, but the pork belly satay was on another level. It was a lot well marinated and juicier, perhaps cos of the fats, and plus they were almost twice the size of the chicken satays. Go for the pork belly noms!

Quite a unique dish for $5, that you don't see at many other ban mian stalls in Singapore. The 面 was cooked right and it was neither overly soggy or overly hard. However, the stall could have been more generous with its serving of sesame sauce, and with the amount of 面 in the dish. It was not filling enough for me, but worth a try for the novelty!

For those of you who love the herbal variety of bak kut teh, this is one place you can consider. The stall opens for breakfast and serves bak kut teh at $5! The soup was flavourful, although I thought the pork was a little too tough for my liking. Although I prefer the peppery version of bak kut teh (e.g., at Song Fa), I would consider coming here for a change every now and then :)

Serving comes in three sizes: $4, $5, $6. Picture shows the $4 serving, which is actually quite big considering the price. The dry mee pok was great - it was springy and came with a generous serving of chilli and vinegar. Most importantly, the noodles were not overcooked. Fishballs and meatballs were clearly handmade as well. They were large, did not have a fishy taste and came with just the right texture.

Pat Jon

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