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Hawker Finds

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Pat Jon
Pat Jon

We are always on the lookout for new breakfast options and today, we decided to try out Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Foo (#02-88) at Chinatown Complex Food Centre as we saw a decent queue forming in front of the stall. Soon, we found out why!

The stall's signature dish is a $3 bowl of Yong Tau Foo! Seriously where else can you find yong Tau foo priced at $3 these days, what more in the CBD area! 😱 However, the stall differs from most yong tau foo stalls in that you are not really able to choose your 料! Just tell the auntie what noodle you want and whether you want your noodles dry/soup and the other ingredients are standard (6 items without noodles or 4 items with noodles). You can add on selected items by paying a little more, but the basic bowl was more than sufficient for us.

Amongst the ingredients, we thought the fishball was the clear winner as the fishball had a strong fish flavour and it was bouncy as well! 😁

Botak Cantonese Porridge serves one of our favourite Cantonese porridges in Singapore and we visit several times a month for dinner! 😋 The porridge has been cooked sufficiently long until it has become smooth and silky, which we absolutely love! The porridge also comes with youtiao, which we advise to eat before mixing into the porridge as the youtiao becomes soggy thereafter!

The fish porridge contains the same fish usually used in 鱼片米粉 and the fish didn't have the fishy taste, which was a plus for us! However, the fish porridge is one of the more expensive items on the menu, costing $4.50, which is even more expensive than the mixed porridge! We always add another 50 cents for the egg as well, although we were slightly disappointed that the egg yolk was broken this time round!

Try not to visit the stall too late if you want to try the porridge, as there have been ocassions where we went at 9 pm to find the porridge already sold out. 😭

To us, Hong Xing Handmade Fishball Noodles serves some of the best fishballs in Singapore, as the fishballs have a bouncy texture and they are of a generous size! We ordered the soup version ($5 serving) today, which comes with 5 fishballs and 3 meatballs! Do note that there will always be fewer meatballs than fishballs because Hong Xing's meatballs are legit (really porky taste) and they are quite big as well!

Do note that the soup version comes with kway teow and yellow Mee by default and for those of you who dislike the yellow noodle, remember to let the stall owner know! We prefer the dry version (aka Mee Pok or Mee kia) as their dry noodles are done really well and we love their bouncy texture! Nonetheless, the soup version is a lot less greasy and it might be more suitable for breakfast for some of us.

Hong Xing has a long queue as usual, so do be prepared to wait around 10 to 15 minutes for your noodles!

Eddy's is seriously one of our favourite haunts for cheap and great Western food in the CBD area! We are back again and this time, we decided to try the salmon with aglio olio! The dish is priced at $10, which is understandably more expensive than the chicken chop!

The salmon was great as it was grilled well on the outside, giving it a crispy exterior while the interior remained very soft. We loved the layer of fats on the skin as well! However, the salmon tasted a little plain after a while and it would be great if some herbs were added to give it more flavour, just like how the stall adds spices to it's chicken chop! The pasta was decent as usual and the serving is much larger than it looks, so you don't have to worry about not getting full!

On a weekday lunch, there were about 5 persons in front of us and we had to wait only for around 10 minutes so it was pretty decent!

We were looking around for new stalls to try at Old Airport Road Food Centre and we chanced upon Jin Hua Fish Soup Bee Hoon (#01-120)! Seeing the long queue in front of the stall, we decided to see what the stall has to offer! We tried one of the healthier options on the menu, which was the fish soup with 粗米粉 and without milk in the soup!

Indeed, the dish tasted healthy as the soup was rather plain, with a slight sweetness from boiling the soup with the vegetables! The fish slices were pretty fresh and did not taste fishy at all, which is great! However, the queue was long really because there is only one hawker at the stall and every bowl of noodles is prepared one by one. Hence, the queue moves slowly and you have to be patient to get your bowl!

Of course, the char kway teow is a must-try if you are paying a visit to Zion Riverside Food Centre! It is probably the only stall with a snaking long queue at the hawker centre and the queue may get even longer during mealtimes on weekends! 😰 The char kway teow comes with the standard kway teow, Mee, beansprouts, eggs, Chinese sausage and cockles! This is the $6 serving so it will probably be a little too heavy for one person and it might be better to share a dish of this size between two pax instead!

This char kway teow dish is a little on the sweeter side and they probably added more of the sweeter dark soy sauce. It is natural to compare the dish with our favourite stall at Hong Lim Food Complex and we think the stall at Hong Lim serves char kway teow with more wok hey. Hence, you may not like the Zion Road version as much if wok hey is a very important factor for you!

Nonetheless, the dish is still above average and we would advise you to give it a shot if you have yet to try it once in your life. We visited the hawker centre on a rainy day and queues were generally shorter, probably because there are no sheltered walkways and no MRT stations in the area yet!

Eddy's is seriously one of our favourite stalls for lunch at Hong Lim Food Centre. This time, we decided to try the plain aglio olio with chicken chop! The chicken chop is still great - thick slabs of chicken which are freshly-grilled to give a slight char on the outside and topped with black pepper to give additional flavour. The pasta was prepared Al dente and it was hence a little hard; however, the serving of pasta is much more generous than it looks from this photo.

Eddy's gives a serving of brown sauce (not in photo) but we couldn't make out what it is because the sauce was really dilute. It looked like the kind of gravy usually added to mashed potatoes! Would have been better if the sauce were thicker but the sauce is not essential for the dish as the grilled chicken as it is is tasty enough. Furthermore, it is a little strange to have aglio olio with your pasta drenched in sauce.

Dish is a steal at $8 and do expect a queue at lunchtime!

We enjoyed the spinach soup at Chinatown Complex Food Centre (老味道苋菜汤) and we are back to get it again to meet our veggie quota for the day! This time, however, we decided to get the spinach soup with fish for a change and we added our favourite 可口面. Serving size was decent but the only issue was that the batang fish was really fishy 😑 suggest to stick with the yong Tau foo or just the plain spinach soup because the fish was really not great.

This is a pretty popular stall in tiong Bahru market. It's our first time trying the dish and we found it a tad underwhelming despite the many good reviews. The taukwar was really crispy and had bean sprouts and cucumber sandwiched in between. There were also a few slices of apples and papaya that gave the dish a refreshing few bites in between. However we felt that we preferred traditional rojak as it has more flavour.

Really oily but really satisfying. Texture was good, and caipor has just the right amount of saltiness. Chilli was not too spicy as well. But the auntie is quite fierce.

We saw the snaking long queue at Tiong Bahru Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice (#02-82) and we decided that we had to order a serving to try. We ordered the $4 portion and it was actually really generous and it was more than enough to fill our tummies. The steamed chicken was tender and we liked that they gave us quite a lot of skin, which we really liked. The chicken rice was also pretty fragrant and it was served hot as well. However, we felt that the chilli and garlic sauces were a little too dilute and they were thus lacking in flavour as a result. :(

Really decent chicken rice especially given the price ($3 for a regular plate) but in terms of the taste, we don't think it tastes very different from other similar chicken rice stalls (e.g. tian tian, boon tong kee).

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Really generous amount of egg given, and the texture of the carrot cake is chewy and good. Every bite is fragrant with just the right amount of crisp and not too oily too. Recommend 👍

Pat Jon

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