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Celebrated on the third day of the third month as samgyeopsal simply translates to ‘three-layered meat’, the day pays homage to its three distinct layered composure.

So why not join the festivities and go b-oinkers over Bornga’s premium cuts?! With 3 fantastic blend of flavours - Original, Soy and Spicy Sauce ($25/ 2 pcs per serving); the slabs of meat are grilled over charcoal which enhances and imparts a smokey aroma. Tender, juicy and glistening, the perfect ratio of lean meat to fat will also leave you wanting more. And my favourite was the soy marinated pork belly with the lightly charred edges, savoury-sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Though a tad pricey, you are certainly paying for the quality cuts. Furthermore, be spoilt for choice with Bornga’s selection of well-executed mains and sides.

Many thanks to Ann and Serene for hosting us and the warm hospitality of Assistance Manager Kimmy, as well as Burpple for the invitation!