Scone looks craggly, it’s not super buttery, also not floury but feels a bit plain. The texture is quite crumbly. Definitely needs the condiments. Edit: after 2 days (bought on sat, eating on mon), the scone tastes nicer! More 入味, good on its own. Extra nice when toasted in the oven.

The creme brûlée is so good? I didn’t know I liked creme brûlée bc it usually is quite sweet. This was sweet from the sea salt caramel, but not cloying, tasted quite light, and it was very smooth and had a nice pleasant vanilla fragrance (u can see the speckles of vanilla)! I really enjoyed this.

Blackcurrant compote was nice and curranty with whole currants inside, but the yuzu flavour was not present. It was tangy from the currants and not the yuzu.

Tldr: idm having these scones again, it’s not bad, and if I see the creme brûlée listed as the accompanying “sauce” I will definitely order!!

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