Located at the bottom of a HDB neighborhood hawker centre, Ministry of Ribs boasts a bountiful selection of western delights, ranging from steaks, burgers, poultry, spaghetti, burgers, and of course - as their name would suggest - ribs.

This time though I zoom in on the burger which is a cheaper option for a cash-strapped student like me. They have a special burger called the Ministry Burger that includes a fried onion ring but what's featured here is their good 'ol Beef Burger. At $7.90 this meal comes with two baked buns, the standard burger condiments of lettuce and tomatoes, and a beef patty that you can tell is freshly made and cooked to perfection - slightly charred on the outside with a brownish pink interior that melts in your mouth, bursting with flavour. Definitely a place to recommend on its own, or if you're around the area and Wah Chee is too crowded :p

Heartiness (portion): 4/5
Tastiness (product): 4/5
Worthiness (price): 4.5/5 (Hambaobao trumps this ever so slightly)