Right off the bat, Yun Nans surpassed our expectations. Service was kind and thoughtful, and this was before the staff knew we were there as hosted guests.
The cuisine at this Chinese restaurant triggered raves from start to finish, with the highest praise coming from my hard-to-please mother. We got to meet the youthful CEO, Mr. Lu Zhi Tao, whom we found, for someone who co-owns a chain of over 170 restaurants, is very humble and down-to-earth. He shared a lot about their brand concept, and explained the signature dishes in detail such how their custom-made bocarro claypots makes it possible for their Steamed Pot Chicken Soups to be cooked without a drop of water. We tried the NEW one with Matsutake mushroom (exclusive to their new second outlet at Westgate Mall) and thought it tasted magnificent - like sipping on the purest essence of chicken with the bonus of juicy mushrooms to munch on.
What makes the brand stand out is that they procure many of their ingredients from the highlands of the Yunnan Province. So besides being able to offer unique specialities to customers, Yun Nans supports many farmers‘ livelihoods.
Their extensive menu has over 60 items. I recommend starting with chilled appetisers like Spiced Beef Shank and the recently-launched Century Egg with Grilled Capsicum.
Then move on to bigger dishes such as Wild Porcini Mushrooms stirfried with Dried Chilli (both from Yunnan), Pork Neck with Herbs and the recently-launched Steamed Red Grouper with Green Peppercorns (we loved this especially!).
Yunnan is also big on BBQ food so you can find Seabass with Lemongrass on the menu, as well as local Tiger prawns, chicken wings, pork belly, zucchini (my fave) and more, all rubbed in aromatic dry spices and grilled till smoky perfection.
For carbs, the Westgate branch has a NEW Crispy Hor Fun with Yunnan Truffle Prawn BrotH that is texturally playful. But we felt their existing dishes, like the classic noodle dish of 云南过桥米线 and fried rice with minced pork and preserved vegetables, were just as satisfying.
More of Yunnan’s produce is showcased in desserts. One of them, the Double Boiled Pear with Golden Fungus and Snow Lotus which we were served, was so soothing and lovely. It really was the best way to end our feast.