A name which is synonymous to brunch & great pastry in the district of TTDI which is a popular spot among the locals living around here.. Heard great things about this place and especially for their waffle! So we decided to go and have a try for their waffles to see what's their magic touch in making them one of the places to go for waffles! This cafe is actually quite easy to spot as it's the same row as the famous dessert place; Foo Foo and Corks Out! The ambience itself is very relaxing and it's also a great place to work as there's free wifi and comfy pillows to hug with.. The menu here is quite comprehensive and detailed.. After much studying, we ordered their American waffle (RM18) to try which is actually a two halves of the waffle being layered upon each other with caramelized bananas, chantilly cream, toasted almond chips, chocolate sauce and 2 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream.. At first glance it may look sumptuous but it's great to share or if you're hungry, You can finish it alone.. So the waffle in terms of texture is really delicious as it's crunchy on the correct parts and soft and fluffy on the inside! As it's the blank canvas for tho other accompaniments; it just works so incredibly well with the salty burnt caramelized bananas and the crunchy almonds alongside the vanilla creamy goodness.. All the elements on the plate just brings out the harmony on your palate in every mouthful!