I was actually quite surprised with the variety and quality of food at food junction At habourfront centre . ( level 3 )

My default mode would be to avoid food junction Food courts because they don’t serve the best food Nor have the best hygiene levels ( given they are mostly run by ahem..... you know ).

I chanced upon this stall call homemade Italian and decided to give the arrabiata a try and thank God I did .

It was done perfectly. Pasta was al dente and the portion was generous. There was a nice balance between the sweet and sour profile of the sauce too but it would have been better more spicy .

I recognise this stall operator as the same operator who operated from the golden shoe air conditioned food court ( it has since been torn down to give way to new office buildings ). They had a Italian “ chap chye peng” concept where you could select your anti pasti .

So Glad we are re-united . If you are found of pesto , the homemade basil pesto is also pretty good .

And for 5 dollars a plate of pasta with homemade sauce , where to find ???