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Hawkers With A Passion

Hawkers With A Passion

There are times when you eat at a Hawker stall and walk away feeling moved by the insistence of the Hawker to produce only the highest quality and best tasting food even it means at the expense of his own time and profit margins. I hunt for stalls as such and document them here.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

What better day to try this stall than just before their closing so you don’t have to brave the Long snaking queues .

Not much choices left so the uncle was nice to top up with some nice greens. However , even with the little condiments - I was immensely satisfied with the bitter gourd and fish paste niang dou fu and the fried yam slices and the clean tasting soup. Everything was so fresh and screamed of homemade food .

The soup didn’t leave me thirsty Nor left me with any giddiness - so nice to know there was no or little msg used .

Friendly aunties and uncle manning this stall - that’s what I will miss about the hawker culture when the older generation decides to call it a day .

It’s a part of my livelihood that I will dearly miss .

A good variety of handmade snacks like fried sesame balls, dough fritters, red bean ham Cheen Peng and even a coffee bean ham cheen peng.

The snacks are made and fried in small batches so they are all very fresh .

Crisp outside and chewy inside with a not to sweet red bean filling - can’t go wrong with anything that’s freshly fried 🤗

Homemade beancurd with a splash of soy milk and the auntie added some Bentong ginger powder at my request .

Very old school homemade beancurd - soft and slightly interesting QQ texture .

This dessert stall also sells homemade Gui Ling Gao. Worth a try - especially for this crazy weather .

The magic is in the chilli 🌶

Perfectly aromatic rice with the right texture as bite and amazing amazing amazing homemade sambal which is so uncannily similar to the sambal chilli at Punggol nasi lemak - minus the crazy queues.

In this forgotten part of Singapore lies a hawker centre which looks so old school - it is almost like time has froze here .

Chances upon this stall that does nasi lemak , laksa and prawn mee .

I have tried so many stalls - none passed even the first test - the rice test and the second test , the chilli test , this one passed both with flying colours .

The condiments were also good - fresh but would have liked the fish to be a little more crisp. The egg was nice and fluffy and the ikan billis was well seasoned .

Everytime I am nursing a cold or feel unwell , my comfort food is always this thosai.

It’s crisp on the outside but retains a nice soft spongy texture inside .

Filled with well marinated potatoes and accompanied with 3 types of sauces.

The flavours just explode in your mouth.

This Beats a French crepe anytime . . .


Selera Hainanese chicken rice and roasted meat
Bedok interchange hawker

I seriously haven’t had a good char siew rice in ages - maybe that’s because my definition of good is so unique to my taste and preferences.

But selera was an astounding find .
Totally unassuming because you don’t find Long snaking queues nor newspaper cutouts anywhere nor any certificate of achievement pasted anywhere.

At first glance , when I saw the char siew hanging at the stall , I suspected it might be overly glazed . But after taking a bite , it was nothing near to a sweet char siew , in fact - the char siew was marinated in a well balanced way and it was very tender and moist . It beats all the fanfare about the “ new age” fatty type char siew “ that people queue for hours for. The char siew was prepared so well that there was no porky smell to it and it was sliced so well along the grain of the meats that every bite was an enjoyment . You won’t get near stuck in between your teeth I assure .

The rice though most times an accompaniment , was actually quite a highlight for this meal. It was cooked to perfect consistency as had a light whiff of ginger flavour and slightly savoury - very very very addictive. A lot of roasted meat shops don’t do their rice well so this is a plus plus for me at selera.

Together with the char siew - this plate of char siew rice really brought back many memories of my younger days when my default order at any hawker would just be char siew rice .

I asked for my char siew rice to be served sans the sweet sticky sauce and instead poured a little of the black sauce available at the counter . Paired with their homemade chilli - this was to me , the best plate of char siew rice I have eaten for the year .

Maximum satisfaction .

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Hokkien prawn mee

It is great to have friends and family members who are great hunters of good food.

Was brought to this Hokkien prawn mee at 29 Bedok food centre and it was the first time i set foot in this pretty cosy hawker.

Rainy days are meant for fried hae mee and what better than having one that’s perfectly executed.

The broth was umami-fic and the prawns and sotong slices were extremely fresh . A nice use of thin bee hoon made this dish less filling as compared to the usual thick bee hoon used.

Probably one of the best fried Hokkien prawn mees I have eaten .

The best part ? It is not oily and you don’t feel thirsty after eating it .

And prices start from 4 dollars so very affordable .


I never get the idea about eating chendol because my past experiences of eating it yielded a response like - what’s so great about beans, jelly and sugar syrup .

I finally found chedol redefined - the proof is in the gula meleka . Most stalls out there use pre cooked syrups not the real stuff .

I tasted the real stuff today and was pleasantly surprised at how good this is .

I’d just hope there would be a crunchy element .
Something was missing .

Maybe peanuts ? HHaha. Re- inventing chendol .

Observation is key 🔑 when hunting for good food .

As I was making my rounds at the hawker , I saw a table of food which looked so good and I followed the server back to her stall .

So Glad that my perseverance paid off - this plate of prawn paste chicken is crisp without being greasy and well marinated without being overly salty .

There was also a good mix of chicken parts and not just chicken wings .

Finger licking good 😁

Hidden at the basement of hong Lim Hawker is my to go to place for roasted meats .

I call this the Bruce Lee stall because Chef Yeo’s execution in roasted meats is just nothing short of excellence and you see Bruce lee’s posters all around his stall 😂.

The signature “ fei- Po” char siew was sold out by the time I got their ( only available mon , weds, fri ) but I was Glad to still savour the crispy roasted pork and his regular char siew ( which is also very welll grilled and succulent ) . Seldom you find stalls being able to do all types of roasted meats as well 😊.

Horning his skills from lei garden back in 1989 , Chef Yeo set out on his own in 1993 and his stall has been often graced by celebrities far and wide - both local and overseas ( as he showed me his say- cheese moments with these celebrities ) .

His handmade Hong Kong noodles are so good that they are often sold out so fast. Chewy without any trace of an alkaline taste - they are the best I have eaten.

If any stall is up for Michellin nomination , he is more than well deserving .

Fish porridge

Indeed like what the signboard says - this is a yummy bowl of homemade goodness.

I like how the porridge is just lightly flavoured and the grains still maintain a nice bite . It’s really like something that would come from my mum’s kitchen just that we save the hassle of cooking and washing up .

The fish slices are fresh and plentiful .
And what better than a bowl of fish porridge with thinly sliced ginger for this sweltering and unbearable weather .

You don’t see Long queues forming but you do see quite evidently that people who come are the regulars who are mostly grey haired uncles and aunties - whom probably have been eating here since the 1960s 😊.

This bowl of porridge just brings this comforting warmth to my tummy - very soulful .

Without me mentioning , you can see how value for money this char siew Wanton noodle is .

The char siew is nicely done , slightly charred outside but still nice and moist inside .

The Star is really the noodles - springy with a nice chew without any trace of alkaline taste .

The homemade sambal chilli is also the bomb .
Nicely rounding up the whole dish together.

One of my favourite Wanton noodles and ohhh so affordable at 3.50.

Where to find ... .....

I dream of food .

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