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Hawkers With A Passion

Hawkers With A Passion

There are times when you eat at a Hawker stall and walk away feeling moved by the insistence of the Hawker to produce only the highest quality and best tasting food even it means at the expense of his own time and profit margins. I hunt for stalls as such and document them here.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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Yes I know this weather is too crazy for a hot dessert but i woke up with a dense craving for orh nee - not just any Orh nee but the Orh nee specifically from ONly you. 😂

I like their version of Orh nee given that it’s not too sweet and that it’s not greasy - it won’t pass as a traditional Orh nee but it’s certainly good enough for me . It’s creamy and full of authentic yammy goodness - unlike most places that use pre packed Orh nee that’s cooked till sickeningly sweet - this is the real stuff .

3.20 is not cheap to pay at a Hawker but you do get quite a huge portion and topped with a generous amount of sweet potatoes and ginkgo nuts .

Craving satisfied !😇

Such a great start to the weekend !


Yoonhee nee food
Blk 40 Chang Cheng coffee shop

Very surprised to see a Korean lady operating a Korean stall in this Coffeeshop .

The litmus test to whether you should try any Korean food is to speak with the operator - if they are Korean - you are 99 percent in for something soulful and homecooked .

I love simple the menu offerings are - typical of what a Korean may eat at home .

I went in for the japchae or what i call Korean Chap chye 😝. Well cooked vermicelli with fresh and crisp vegetables and a strong hint of good quality sesame oil and a splash of sesame seeds .

You can see the details that goes into the Korean lady boss’ cooking . From the presentation to the taste of the well balanced dish . The kim Chi is also very well prepared - crisp and with a very seductive chilli paste.

All this for 4.50 - you can’t find more value than this . Each order comes with a side of kim Chi and a clear peppery soup .

I salute stall operators in f and b in this day and age because behind the great tasting food is a lot of hours of back breaking work , supply- chain coordination, good finance management and determination and persistency that is needed to keep the business going. Operating in a coffee shop by big brand names is also not easy because they typically charge high rents and the tenants are always at the losing end .

It’s not just all the glam - guys 😊
So please do your homework and get some financial counselling before embarking on anything new .

My re-visit to Penang Chiak Ho Liao for no fuss Penang delights ...

This is a slightly variant from the sweeter type sambal mee goreng that we usually eat .

This mee goreng was more savoury and had an interesting addition of moist potatoes , juicy beancurd cubes and crushed peanuts.

Overall an enjoyable dish and very generous portions for 3.50.

I like the affordability of this nasi lemak Set.
The rice , Ilan Billis and chicken 🍗 was a mere 3.50.

For an optional add on of steamed otah , it is an additional 1.20.

The chicken was moist but slightly under -seasoned on the inside .

A pretty decent plate of nasi lemak and the homemade sambal was tasty without being too salty .

My only gripe is the rice - a rather short grain rice was used and the rice was rather soft and lacked the coconut fragrance .

Would have preferred a slightly stiffer rice ( maybe even basmati ) and perhaps more aroma for the rice .

The best way to good food is to ask existing stall vendors.

The Hokkien mee auntie recommended me stall 40 for black carrot cake and boy ! This was really good .

Not greasy and very generous with the use of eggs. The black sauce was also used quite sparingly and not overly and sickeningly sweet .

I like that the carrot cake was chunky and not diced to small bits 😊🙏

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Yi pin tang

Corn and white fungus chicken soup

On the second floor of this underrated Hawker is this soup stall selling boiled soups that are slow cooked in a gigantic earthern ware .

The soups are cooked over slow convection heat and boasts of a rich flavour .

The white fungus is cooked till almost melted and lends such a silky and creamy texture to the soup .

There is a good variety of soups - ranging from lotus and pork ribs and peanut and black bean pork ribs , watercress pork ribs , old cucumber and pork ribs soup.

Soups so painstakingly cooked with so much love and passion .

Best for this sweltering weather .

You ji

Yes - I braved the storms to visit Tiong Bahru Hawker knowing that it would be swarmed with people since we are getting closer to the cny period .

Just to get to one of my favourite breakfast stalls. ...
I like observing how the auntie uses her special scissors to prepare the chee cheong fun and how much concentration and passion she puts in her work 🙏.

The dried shrimp chee cheong fun with their homemade chilli and sweet sauce is what you need for a simple but satisfying breakfast.
Find the texture of the rolls a little too thick this morning - hopefully it’s a one off 😊

The ginkgo porridge though bland ( the way I like it ) has a creaminess to it an a subtle ginkgo flavour ( but where did all the gingkos go 😂?)


One of the most reliable places to get a thin- skinned shun kueh with a flavourful interior of turnips , black fungus and dried shrimps.

Pair it with their homemade chilli for a perfect breakfast treat .

I say skip the yam cake ( too much flour and too Little of the real stuff )and the yam abacus seeds and / or the glutinous rice ( too greasy and mushy ) and just get the soon kuehs .


Wei xiang kitchen

10/10 sweet and sour pork ....

I have tasted enough sweet and sour pork to know what makes a good one .

Having said that , I have been disappointed on so many occasions that I now only go to one place for my sweet and sour pork treat .

Crisp with a thin flour coating over lean pork and a very well balanced sauce that is neither too sweet or sour . While most places skip on the condiments , wei Xiang uses fresh pineapples , well ripened tomatoes and crisp cucumber pieces to harmonise this dish to a 10/10 perfection .

I have tried sweet and sour pork at high end Cantonese restaurants and none have come close to this standard .

The serving here is generous even when you order it as part of a rice set . Add on a sunny side up and this is really quite a perfect dinner .

Coffee euphoria

I am not sure where or how this brand started but they sure serve up a wickedly good cup of coffee . There are actually quite a few branches all over Singapore .

Yes - better than the usual local brand names.
You’d be surprised at how good this is.

Try their astronaut 👩‍🚀 buns ( Tai Kong pau). The fluffy and soft bread is heaven when toasted - actually resembling Y Y ka fei Dian’s toasted bread very much .

I love how good the homemade kaya here is too .

Without a doubt - go for set 5 ! ( thick bun, eggs and Kopi )

This fried kway teow is so well balanced and speaks of a high degree of competency from the chefs .

Neither too wet nor too dry and with just a right balance of the sweet and savoury. The noodles were neither too soft nor too hard.
Importantly , it wasn’t too oily .

This is one of the best fried kway teows for me.
Slippery , slithery , addictive goodness.

On the mark for the next Michelin maybe ?

Remember to add on that terrific otah - I wouldn’t say they complement the noodles the best so maybe go get a toasted bun from the de fai toast and coffee stall within the same Hawker.

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Zan zan prawn noodles

Kwang Huat was closed today so I tried this stall and I must say that it was actually pretty good.

The prawns are fresh and the noodles are cooked in a tasty stock. A little more egg would have made these noodles closer to a full score .

I asked for more chilli and what a generous scoop of sambal 😂.


I dream of food .

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