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Hawkers With A Passion

Hawkers With A Passion

There are times when you eat at a Hawker stall and walk away feeling moved by the insistence of the Hawker to produce only the highest quality and best tasting food even it means at the expense of his own time and profit margins. I hunt for stalls as such and document them here.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Hidden at the basement of hong Lim Hawker is my to go to place for roasted meats .

I call this the Bruce Lee stall because Chef Yeo’s execution in roasted meats is just nothing short of excellence and you see Bruce lee’s posters all around his stall 😂.

The signature “ fei- Po” char siew was sold out by the time I got their ( only available mon , weds, fri ) but I was Glad to still savour the crispy roasted pork and his regular char siew ( which is also very welll grilled and succulent ) . Seldom you find stalls being able to do all types of roasted meats as well 😊.

Horning his skills from lei garden back in 1989 , Chef Yeo set out on his own in 1993 and his stall has been often graced by celebrities far and wide - both local and overseas ( as he showed me his say- cheese moments with these celebrities ) .

His handmade Hong Kong noodles are so good that they are often sold out so fast. Chewy without any trace of an alkaline taste - they are the best I have eaten.

If any stall is up for Michellin nomination , he is more than well deserving .

Fish porridge

Indeed like what the signboard says - this is a yummy bowl of homemade goodness.

I like how the porridge is just lightly flavoured and the grains still maintain a nice bite . It’s really like something that would come from my mum’s kitchen just that we save the hassle of cooking and washing up .

The fish slices are fresh and plentiful .
And what better than a bowl of fish porridge with thinly sliced ginger for this sweltering and unbearable weather .

You don’t see Long queues forming but you do see quite evidently that people who come are the regulars who are mostly grey haired uncles and aunties - whom probably have been eating here since the 1960s 😊.

This bowl of porridge just brings this comforting warmth to my tummy - very soulful .

Without me mentioning , you can see how value for money this char siew Wanton noodle is .

The char siew is nicely done , slightly charred outside but still nice and moist inside .

The Star is really the noodles - springy with a nice chew without any trace of alkaline taste .

The homemade sambal chilli is also the bomb .
Nicely rounding up the whole dish together.

One of my favourite Wanton noodles and ohhh so affordable at 3.50.

Where to find ... .....

I used to like granny’s mian jian Guo from Hong Lim but found their batter a little too dense these days .

I think my new favourite is from Xin Xuan .

The pancakes are crisp on the outside but Soft , light and not too dense - with just a slight chewiness that is much needed for any authentic mian jian Guo .

I love how the coconut fillings were fresh, juicy and not too sweet.

Service is also fast 😊

There is however a slight difference between the pancakes made by the male stall owner . I only get the pancakes when I see that they are made by the male stall owner .

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If there is a Michelin Star for local coffee , Teck fa should get it .

There’s just something unique about its coffee - thick and aromatic and smooth. Best part is that the standards are consistent - A plus plus plus coffee everytime I visit the stall.

Paired with this smooth and less sweet kueh salat from my favourite kueh stall at Siaga Rasa ( a few stalls down from Teck fa )

Inexpensive but you get the best Kopi and best kueh and the experience is priceless.

Siaga Rasa
Unit 02-28

From a stall specialising in homemade kueh ( with less sugar ), I found these gems that are quite hard to come by .

Moist and well cooked glutinous rice cakes slapped with savoury coconut cooked with a myriad of aromatic spices like tumeric , galangal , chillies , turmeric , kafir lime leaves .

The rice was moist and cooked just nice with a good bite - something quite challenging to achieve .

The stall sells a whole myriad of tasty and unique liens like baked pumpkin kueh, baked banana kueh , baked tapioca kueh and the usuals like kueh salat and kueh ko swee .

Michelin worthy char kway teow

From char kway teow , oyster omelette and carrot cake stall

Sorry - but this stall’s name is exactly as such .
No special name , no fan fare no newspaper article ....

But this is exactly how a good char kway teow should be .

The regulars will know this stall but unsuspecting visitors to the Hawker won’t think much of this stall because if it’s generic stall name .

The wok hei is evident and the moisture is just nice without being too oily or too dry .
The best part is - this is not too sickeningly sweet and lends towards the Savory side .

Higher quality fish cakes and a better quality of kwey Teow and a good stock gives this plate of local delicacy a 10/10 from me .

Not forgetting the uncle who cooks with so much passion . We only order when the “ right” elderly Uncle is on shift . Typically Saturday evenings . Hahhahaha.

Too precious to not count your calories for this calorific dish .

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Otah nasi lemak Set

Finally traced down Penang Jiak Ho Liao which was previously from Chinatown complex food centre . They have since found their new home at Alexandra village food centre .

I love how fresh and authentic the otah is and how robust in flavour their homemade sambal is .

Unlike most other places which would serve omelette style eggs , I like how this stall serves up hard boiled egg - in traditional nasi lemak style .

The rice was flavourful and well cooked - would have preferred a Long grain rice / less starchy rice to be used but for 3.50 - I have no complaints .

Try their Ayam goreng marinated with their special in house spices or their Penang style Mee goreng - it’s one of the best Mee gorengs I have had-with fluffy cubes if potatoes hidden within the noodles .

A dash of chilli , sweet sauce , scallion and sesame oil over high quality rice rolls that are so smooth .

Something so simple but not many places can get it right .

Rather than the usual “ yu pian “ Soup , I decided to order a “ Yu gai” Soup . Yu gai ( in Cantonese ) simply means fish meat .

The soup was excellent - a homemade broth that was rich but not salty or artificially seasoned .

The Chunky fish meat pieces ( which were lightly flash fried instead of deep fried like other places ) were so very very fresh and I actually prefer it to fish slices .

I finished the whole bowl of soup and had no after effects of msg .

A very comforting meal .

I was craving for a good Satay and was undecided 🤷‍♀️ as to which stall I should order from .

The trick is always to ask stall vendors within the Hawker - this trick has worked for me all the time .

Pang’s Satay was excellent.

The chicken / pork meat was fresh and the satay Grilled to perfection . The Satay was also not glazed too sweet and the pineapple purée added a nice zing to the peanut sauce.

The cucumbers were fresh and juicy so you know the stall owners take care of every aspect of the dish .

Service was friendly and earnest.

I can’t wait to come back for more ....

If you are in need of good food at affordable prices , an ji will not disappoint you.

For 15 dollars , you get a huge and fresh fish head with firm meat and a homemade sauce that is slight sweet , savoury , spicy - so addictive.

Service is fast and friendly .

It’s my default stall for a consistently good steamed fishhead .

I dream of food .

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