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Hawkers With A Passion

Hawkers With A Passion

There are times when you eat at a Hawker stall and walk away feeling moved by the insistence of the Hawker to produce only the highest quality and best tasting food even it means at the expense of his own time and profit margins. I hunt for stalls as such and document them here.
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

I hate queuing and as a result - lost out trying this amazing stall while’s staying at Queenstown for 10 years .

But never too late - finally had my chance of trying .

The lovely kwey Teow bathed in that complex herbal sauce ( with a tinge of dangui ) with that collagen from the Long stewing pot of sauce is the best thing you can have on a Sunday morning .

The stall uses a high quality crunchy mushroom and unlike other chicken horfun stalls , the chicken here is stewed till soft and so tasty .

It is worth every minute of you time queuing .

Getting a bowl of tau suan here is almost like striking a lottery because they are so sellable .

One of the best tau suans in town and cheap at 1.20.

Subtle sweetness and the mung beans are well cooked - neither too soft or too hard .

From the east after dinner at East Coast lagoon , we travelled all the way here just for a pipping hot tua suan .

And yes ! We had the 2 last bowls ! 😛

Feel like a champion 😍

Quite pleased with this satay from song kee .
Meat was fresh and the Satay sauce had chunky peanuts 🥜.

Didn’t quite order from the popular Malay stalls because those tend to be sweeter .
I tend to like my Satay more savoury than sweet.

More than satisfied my satay cravings !

While most order from lagoon carrot cake , I decided to give another stall a chance and came across a stall about 5 to 6 stalls on the left of lagoon carrot cake.

This stall sells oyster omelette, black and white carrot cake and satay.

Added an additional dollar for extra egg to “ upgrade “ my carrot cake .

Quite pleased with this carrot cake though not the best but definitely above average .

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These curry puffs were absolutely delicious - I could still Wolf one down after dinner . The puffs are sold in fresh batches so you’d be sure the puffs you buy are popping hot and fresh .

I like how the flavour of the fillings were different from the usual plain boring one dimensional taste. It had an aromatic punch from the use of a heavier note of spices and sweet onions.

Come early as they sell out fast .

Not at River Valley but at this hidden coffee shop within lucky plaza that’s unknown to most .

Really like the flavour and texture of the the rice which is made with pure pandan extract .

The condiments are good too and portions are generous .

The uncle mentioned that they first started out in River Valley hence the name River Valley nasi lemak .

I would choose this over the famous sxxxxx nasi lemak which is too expensive for its quality .

4.50 only for such a huge portion and home cooked quality . Definitely a steal !

The tangy lemon cake from headless baker .

Not cheap for hawker prices but definitely cafe standards .

The berry muffin , banana cakes and lemon cakes are the best .

This homestyle cooked food is slowly garnering some regular followers .

The dishes are the same daily - bitter gourd with egg , mixed cabbage and gourd with vermicelli , Omelette, minced pork with preserved beans , steamed pork and fish meat balls.

Very flavourful food and I must say the plain porridge really stood out both in textures and consistency ( mine is with more “hump” because this was my second lunch 🤣but the usual order of porridge is more substantial )

Very comforting no frills food .

Service is brisk and friendly .

One of the better vegetarian bee Hoon stalls.

Beehoon was Moist and not greasy and the condiments were fresh .

Quite perturbed about their opening hours though - sometimes open and sometimes closed .

They are located at the same stretch as the Hakka stall .


The best kept secret at Tanglin halt is their no frills bee Hoon and noodles / fried condiments / porridge / green beans soup / Orh bee Beh stalls.
What I call cheap and good.

The best day to head down is Tuesday evenings when all 3 stalls selling similar items are all open so you get to try and decide which stall you prefer.

The winner for congee definitely goes to the stall in the middle for its shredded chicken preserved egg congee.

There’s something comforting and home cooked about this .

If you had a bad day or a bad tummy - this will be sure to sooth your tummy and comfort your soul .

What’s better - at 1.50 where to find leh ?

Situated at the same hawker of Guangdong wanton mee - the once ago famous wanton mee . ( at the small market just behind sheng siong for those of you whom get lost easily like me .... 🤣)

I find ghim Moh market an interesting place.

A few stalls have garnered lots of attention and continue to draw Long crowds but quite sadly they don’t meet my standards - including the duck rice and the Chee kueh .

If anything service was really nice at old Teochew but the mee siam was a let down .

Missing the tangy-ness of a good new siam and a watered down mee siam sauce which was too milky - almost like Carnation milk was added in .

Maybe they are better for their Satay bee hoon perhaps ???

The best no frills mee siam is still from Killiney road Kopitiam at Killiney road.

Must only visit on Tuesday evenings when this auntie is in - she does the best bee Hoon and onion eggs.

No one does it like her - she’s been frying bee Hoon for more than 30 years .

The bee Hoon is moist and not greasy and the omelette is fluffy with lots of sweet onions .

This is the small hawker centre just behind sheng shiong at Commonwealth mrt .

You will see three economic bee Hoon stalls but the best is the one in the middle of both stalls ( and visit on Tuesdays only because the cooking crew is different on other days 🤣)

Just under 2 dollars - how affordable

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I dream of food .

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