Pictured is a bacon sandwich and "chips" while behind is a cordon bleu. The last time I went, the food wasn't very special and I was a little miffed about the "chips" which just turned out to be lightly salted crisps 😔 I do seem to remember that their food was slightly cheaper than the usual $16-20 in other nearby cafes, though. |

Their interior, with its white tables and brown chairs, has a clean Scandinavian colour aesthetic that was quite minimalist. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was quite empty and we weren't packed like sardines in an echo-filled hall unlike in other cafés, so that was good. |

Unfortunately, they're closed until further notice so I'm not sure if you'll be able to give them a try even when Phase 1 ends 😕 But I hope this picture gives you cafe vibes and reminds you of the times where we could meet friends over a cuppa and marbled cafe tables! ☺️ | .