the yangnyeom chicken was pretty much the only thing we liked. it was well fried & most of the pieces were real juicy. however, the seasoning was sweet with no hint of spiciness at all so we’ll probably get the spicy yangnyeom instead next time.

the burger buns were pretty decent; like all potato buns, they were on the softer & fluffier side. however they tasted a bit dry? a little like bread that had been left out for a while.

for the bulgogi burger, we couldn’t really taste the bulgogi sauce as there was so much mayo that it overwhelmed everything else. & it was a real pity that the taste of the caramelized onions (which tasted really good on it own) was not strong enough to add another dimension of taste to the burger.

the chicky burger was basically unseasoned chicken coated with an unseasoned batter sandwiched in a burger without sauce. the saving grace was that the chicken meat was juicy but don’t put yourself through the torture pls.