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When the cravings for hot pot came at 9.30pm at night and the famous steamboat restaurant chain at [email protected] told us that the waiting time would be about 60 - 90 minutes, my friends and I chanced upon Upin Hot Pot.

The damage for five hungry diners amounted to about S$30.00 per pax for this ala carte hot pot, which I thought was still within a wallet-friendly range. In terms of the soup bases, I was a little disappointed with their Tomato Soup because it tasted more than a rich tomato broth, to the point that it tasted like some ketchup was also added to it. Similarly, the Pork Bone Soup broth might also have a tad too much herbs added in, and herbal Tonkotsu was not something I was prepared for (on the contrary the Chicken Soup might go better with herbal finishes). What we all liked the most was their Mushroom Soup base, which tasted more natural. We sort of even joked that with the amount of mushrooms in the pot, we could skip ordering mushrooms for the meal.

Condiments and cut fruits were available at the bar, but with an additional charge of S$3.00 per pax. Three of us went ahead to get the sauce without informing the staff, but I must say that they were attentive and did not charge that for all five.

I would not use the word “pampering” for this meal, but for a steamboat dinner, I considered this as “satisfying”.