Probably the only weirdo who walks in and orders only a Burger Combo Platter to have all by himself for dinner. This combination comes with all three sliders that they have on the menu; Spicy Char Siew (pictured), Mentaiko Ebi Mayo and Tempura Chicken. The spicy char siew was really mild on heat, and the fatty charsiew was a tad oily made worse with the buttered and toasted buns; was rather hard to down given how greasy it felt. Mentaiko Ebi Mayo was on the flip side; a little bland but well flavoured with umami-ness for the parts with the Mentaiko mayo, though wasn't much. Ebi was more shrimp-like and not really much to talk about, though the onion did give it a numbing sensation to the tastebuds. The best of the lot was the Tempura Chicken; lightly-battered to retain crispness within the succulent meat which was savoury goodness.