Haven't been to @tanukiraw in a while, and I am glad to mention that the quality is still really good 😍

I love it that their lunch sets are also available during the weekends, and I got a Salmon Kaisen Don ($14.90) with a $3 top-up for miso soup, salad and a hot green tea. There was a generous amount of salmon slices of different varieties such as aburi, mentaiko and seasoned mayo. The salmon slices were fresh and fatty, which goes very well with their seasoned rice, which had a good amount of vinegar and sesame seeds. To top it off, the ikura gave the satisfying savoury pop which added more umami flavours to the dish. This is one fulfilling bowl!

If you like heavy flavours, the Hamburguesa Loco ($14) is for you. Imagine 2 thick, juicy, smoky wagyu patties on top of a unique seaweed taco shell, topped with cheese and mayo. This is a flavour bomb, with beef juices and flavour coming through really strongly. One was rich enough for me so this is good to share between 2!

Thank you for inviting @tanukiraw, I definitely will see myself coming back for more!