This had a short queue at ~6.30pm on a Saturday. Had seen some raving reviews of this but sadly we didn’t really find it very impressive. There’s long beans, red beans (I don’t usually see this in leicha!), tofu, peanuts, long beans, cabbage and some veg which I didn’t take note of. Some of the tofu was very tasty, as it was soft with a bite to it; but some of the smaller pieces were quite average. Peanuts were crunchy, the rest of the ingredients were decent. On first taste, I found the bowl quite meh, but I found it better towards the end. It’s very clean tasting, but at the risk of it lacking some flavour. And I’m not someone with a heavier palate / 重口味. Maybe adding mani cai would help? The soup has a palatable level of bitterness so it was easy to drink.

Overall, I’ve had better leicha at other places, but I think this is worth a try because it might be up your alley!