Since it's located in Bishan Park, you can't deny that this cafe has a really good ambience (apart from the mosquito and insect landing on your table sometimes) but it's definitely a great place to have gathering because they served food with the correct portion in the most reasonable prices. I ordered a chicken thigh burger while Eunice ordered a grilled steak & fries. We add on $2 for their mentaiko sauce wondering what is that, and churros for dessert! The chicken thigh burger had this really special taste, it comes with kaffir like mayo sauce which tasted a little like green curry (?) and the fried enoki in the burger goes pretty well with the fluffy bread. The steak that Eunice had was pretty well cooked, their mustard sauce doesn't taste like the normal mustard and the both of us liked it very much. The mentaiko sauce is a little salty for me though. The churros comes with dark chocolate sauce and creme anglaise. The churros were soft in the inside and the dark chocolate sauce was my favorite. It goes perfectly well with the sugar coated churros giving that butter sweet taste. Their home made draft beer was pretty good, it didn't leave that bitter taste after you drink it, which is my kind of beer actually. Great dinner.

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