I forgot what this is. Well at least I only forgot the name. So in a nutshell it's a tiramisu with cognac (RM 18.90 if memory serves me right) with caramelized nuts on top. I can't say much since I'm momentarily stunned by this new texture if tiramisu. It's not bad (come on, it's alcohol!), it's good (read: alcohol), but I'm just trying to wrap my head around this texture. The cake isn't your typical sponge cake, it has much more air in them and feels like steamed cakes almost. The marscapone cheese is also, not overly dense like most tiramisu, but instead which rich in flavor is light in texture. And of course you have the nuts. Crunchy and giving a hint of sweetness to the entire alcohol-induced-cheese-complementing slice, pair it with the slightly tangy strawberry jam by the side and you'll be experiencing how the whole thing comes together quite nicely.