We have raved enough about their eggs, so we ought to talk about the delightful combination of turkey ham, chicken ham, and house-made scallion cream cheese. This added a sour yet creamy balance to the both hams and proved that a simple bagel could be so well-crafted and flavourful.
The bagels at Keenโ€™s Bagelry definitely deserve special mention. They have plain, cheddar, sesame, and garlic cheese bagels for you to choose from, and you can see these pretty bagels neatly stacked in cute baskets at the counter. Their bagels are glossy and chewy, and best of all substantial in both volume and flavour - we believe theyโ€™re among the best in town.
Keenโ€™s Bagelry has maintained their high and consistent standards, and their bagels will always deliver in texture, flavour, and worth. You can now get most of Keenโ€™s Bagels at a discounted price of $12 by using @burpplesg beyond as well! Everyone should pay them a visit and give their bagels a try, and you can have no doubts that weโ€™ll be back.
๐Ÿ“ Keenโ€™s Bagelry
730 North Bridge Rd, Floor 1
Singapore 198698