WHAT THE CLUCK! The Goodburger’s latest burger creation sees TiNDLE’s plant-based chicken assembled in this grubby, saucy, elbows-deep-in sinful Southern-style fried “chicken” burger layered with crunchy pickles and a garlicky homemade sauce. I’ve always been a fan of Goodburger’s plant-based burgers, and to now have a chicken option is just 🤯🥰💕There’re so many things I love about this burger. 1. It tastes like the real damn thing. 2. The batter’s great: crisp and craggy, adds a great crunch without being too thick. 3. That sauce is an utter flavour bomb. Chock-full of garlicky fragrance, and as cloying as it may look it’s actually really just right and I don’t feel jelak downing the whole burger.