Juicy, smoky patties; or even beautifully fried chicken — I’ll have em all.
Nobelle Liew
Nobelle Liew

Gem Bar really nailed the basics of a good cheeseburger: great buns, oozy melted American cheese, and a crazy thicc patty. Their brioche buns are really fluffy, squishable, and super buttery — just the way I like mine. Patty boasted a wonderfully charred and blackened crust, with a juicy, tender, well-seasoned and perfectly medium center. Tie that all in with a surprisingly addictive sweet and tangy relish, and you’ve got yourself the amazingly delish Gem Cheeseburger.

I know VeganBurg’s been around since before plant-based diets were a thing, but well shame on me I’ve never made the trip down before 🥲 So recently I popped by and grabbed their Smoky BBQ burger with an impossible patty and additional vegan cheese, wondering how it’d compare to all the other plant-based burgers out there. Suffice to say, it’s not quite my thing. The buns were mediocre at best, not very fluffy not very tasty very much like off-the-shelves sorta burger buns; the veggies were crisp and fresh but yeah just veggies; there was way too much mayo in there; and idk the patty didn’t wow me as much as others I’ve tried. Sure it wasn’t a terrible burger, but after all the extra add-ins the price exceeded that of other more satisfactory impossible burgers I’ve tried elsewhere. Perhaps their original burgers (sans all my add-ons and incessant meddling) would be a lot tastier, or I should’ve gone for a different burger, but with the many alternatives around now I doubt I’d make a return trip anytime soon.

WHAT THE CLUCK! The Goodburger’s latest burger creation sees TiNDLE’s plant-based chicken assembled in this grubby, saucy, elbows-deep-in sinful Southern-style fried “chicken” burger layered with crunchy pickles and a garlicky homemade sauce. I’ve always been a fan of Goodburger’s plant-based burgers, and to now have a chicken option is just 🤯🥰💕There’re so many things I love about this burger. 1. It tastes like the real damn thing. 2. The batter’s great: crisp and craggy, adds a great crunch without being too thick. 3. That sauce is an utter flavour bomb. Chock-full of garlicky fragrance, and as cloying as it may look it’s actually really just right and I don’t feel jelak downing the whole burger.

If you’re looking for an overwhelmingly positive review: I’m sorry, this ain’t it. Let me out this straight: it was a good burger for sure. But between all the hype built around their launch and my super high expectations, their burgers fell short for me. For me, a good burger’s one that I bite into and think “wah this one sibeh shiok”. Unfortunately when I bit into Carne’s burgers, it was more of a “ehhh x is great but y’s a lil off and z’s alright” sorta situation. The 100% grass-fed Argentinian beef patty was UHMAZING. Densely packed, juicy, succulent, perfectly medium, wonderfully seasoned. I loved the attention paid to their sliced cheese as well (pictured here’s their artisanal American cheese); but as a whole I really wasn’t blown away by their burgers. For one I found the buns a lil too hefty and structured, in the way that’s still fluffy yes but doesn’t soak up all the amazing juices and sauces well. Say for example, the bottom bun was completely wet and squashed (cause the patty and all damn huge and shiok right), but I could cut through it nicely — it had a very chewy sorta damp texture that just didn’t do it for me. We had their Chimichurri burger ($24) and their Complete burger ($28), and neither really blew me away. Just count the number of “buts” in this review, I think that’s a rather useful yardstick 😂 Considering the satisfaction I’d get from a Shake Shack burger (or even a McSpicy), and at a fraction the price as well, I can’t see myself visiting Carne often.


I can’t ever resist fried chicken, especially not when it looks as massive, golden, and beautifully crunchy like this. And trust me, the chook in this Yuzu Karaage Burger was every bit as delicious as it looks here. The batter’s thin, well-seasoned, and boasts a fabulous crunch; chicken’s juicy and super tender. I really enjoyed their fluffy and sweet buns as well. In fact everything in this burger was on point for me, save for the sauce 🤔 I’m not sure what went in there, but it had that pungent kick reminiscent of wasabi. Now I’m not too big a fan of wasabi myself so this wasn’t quite up my alley, but if that’s your thing then I’m sure you’d enjoy this plenty. I’d also have liked the yuzu element to come across more discernibly here — that’d really take this burger up a notch.

Now don’t start yelling at me, purists. Adorably named Baobaes (sekewt I love it), their burgers are a sorta fusion, modern interpretation of Chinese bao creations and the usual Western counterparts. Yeah they aren’t using crazy fancy buns, no premium cuts in their patties and whatnot; what you’re looking at is a value-for-money, hearty, and fuss-free meal. We tried their Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($8.90), Pepper Braised Beef ($10.90), and Beef and Cheese ($9.90) baobaes, and I gotta say I was pleeeenty impressed — especially with the steamed bun burgers. The flavours were robust, and every element was very well-executed. The fried chicken was crisp and juicy, braised beef was really tender and peppery (in a pleasant way), and the Australian beef patty was perfectly seasoned. Nothing revolutionary here, but for their price tags these burgers were tasty and very satisfactory. If anything I wished their steamed buns were a wee less hefty and fluffier, but that’s just me nitpicking really.

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This very rarely happens. Usually I’d jot notes down real quick between bites (I’m weird like that aight), but when we took our first bite of this Royal Mushroom Beef burger I remember thinking “bloody hell this is fucking yummy” and the next thing I knew we finished it 🤭I remember feeling really surprised at the blue cheese sauce, cause it was so tasty without a crazy pungency, creamy without being too heavy and jelak, and was perfectly balanced with the smoky and sweet grilled onions. But most of all, I remember how utterly savoury and flavour-packed this was. Not in the overwhelmingly “I needa chug some water after this” kinda way, but in the most delicious, utterly irresistible manner 🥰


If y’all don’t know by now, cheeseburgers hold a very special, tender place in my heart 🥰 We gave Sarnies’ $14 one a try the other day, and while I can’t call it the best I’ve had I must say it was rather impressive. For one that cascading fountain of tomato aioli and melted cheddar’s so visually seductive it’s practically impossible to resist. Also tasted fabulous, the former exceedingly creamy, rich, and flavourful, so I’ve got no complaints there. The sesame buns were the mega fluffy and squishy sort that I love, soaking up all the sauces and juices from the filling. Points to the perfectly medium patty that’s thicker than the average, boasting a coarse mince that’s wonderfully chunky and meaty. Only thing was, it was unfortunately a tad dry and severely under-seasoned. The sauce definitely contributed to a great bulk of the flavour and helped with the drier patty so it was all in all tasty enough, but I can’t deny that the patty did cost this cheeseburger a couple of brownie points — especially when there are plenty of fantastic cheeseburger options in the vicinity.

Not the most grubby of burgers I’ve shot, but I was WAY to excited to tuck in to really fiddle with the shot. I’ve made no secret of my love for TSO burgers after my first visit, but before I could return they announced a temporary closure for relocation. And then came covid. After 2 painful months of waiting, they’re back with a bigger, more impressive lineup of burgers 🤤 Here’s their Outcast Possible Meats which comes with a charcoal grilled beef patty, chunks of woodfire smoked lamb, tomato and chimichurri sauce between their fluffy af brioche buns. Now, I’d tell you straight up that their buns are better than even some of established restaurants’. That hasn’t changed. And when you put that with beautifully executed meats and a fabulously herbaceous chimichurri with a good dose of acidity — burger perfection. Can I also say that their tempura fries are AMAZING??

Nothing gets me quite as excited as a good burger. So when Dirty Buns reached out to ask if I wanted to try some of their burgers, the answer was a resounding HELL YES. I patiently waited for my burgers to brave the dinner traffic (cause good things come to those who wait right), took a big first bite, and maaaaan was I in burger heaven. They pride themselves on controlling every component in their burger: the buns and sauces are homemade, and their patties are hand-grounded to their own chuck:brisket meat:fat ratio. And all of that effort shows. I, for one, loved the coarse and meaty patty. Great bite, very well seasoned, and fairly juicy too considering the traveling time and all. The fluffy and soft buns were a great canvas for soaking up all the sauces and extra juices. It was slightly “breadier” than your usual brioche/potato buns, but that worked out fabulously with the delivery process squashing them (which I like btw I’d usually manually squish em if they’re still poofy). Extra brownie points goes to their super savoury and tasty sauce. But hear this: their single patty goes for $8 a la carte, and their double at $11. +$3 gets you a side of handcut fries and Coke. Very very good value. I won’t call this the best burger I’ve ever had, but I will say it’s among my faves especially at its price point. No bullshit here, just solid classic cheeseburgers.
They’re located at Henderson btw geotag’s not up just yet!

For $24++, this double cheeseburger seems really overpriced and basic with just patties, cheese, pickles, and some caramelised onions. But when it arrived at our tables (and I took a bite of course), I realised it’s worth every cent. The patties are SUPER thicc (I read it’s 30-50g more than the average), cooked perfectly to our requested doneness, well-seasoned, and soooooo sooooooo juicy. I mean bite into it and you literally have juices dribbling all over your hands. The buns are really soft and fluffy too, pickles just enough for a zing without overpowering everything else, and what’s that damn orange sauce that was so crazy good?! I like how they didn’t just use American cheese or commercial cheddar in this, instead selecting a much meatier cheese which, has a lesser cheesepull factor yes, but added so much oomph. Good news is that this burger is available on #BurppleBeyond for takeaway, and Moosehead’s also doing deliveries! Check out their ig profile for more deets 😉


For starters, it’s huge. Yes they call The Dip ($7.90) here a slider (they’ve got the tiny ass buns to complete the look), but the slab of fried chicken here is MASSIVE. Just notice how much it’s jutting out from the buns, it’s easily larger than my hand (fingers included). But we all know size ain’t the only thing that matters. I was flabbergasted when I bit into it, and released a flood of juices liberally pouring down my fingers. The crunch on the chicken’s great, slightly sweet and sticky sauce absolutely delish, and man I seriously can’t get past how juicy and tender the chicken was. We opted for “Hot”, their 3rd level of 🌶, and it definitely packs ~1.5-2 times the heat of a McSpicy. Seeing the size of the chicken, the satisfaction I’m getting from it, and its price point: I reckon The Dip’s giving the McSpicy a good run for their money.


Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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