A while ago, a friend of mine visited Artichoke for the first time and said he loved the Lamb Shakshouka there. The result from having two eggs in a skillet with spiced tomato sauce, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, green chili harissa, kewpie yogurt and pita, this is probably the best Shakshouka you are looking at in town. I like how everything similar seemed to have been done from scratch especially for the spiced tomato sauce which was a good balance of sweet-sour flavours without that "bleh" aftertaste that usually comes with canned purée, which went well with the slight gaminess of the pulled lamb shoulder that went into it. Dip the Pita into the Shakshouka, and the bread was able to absorb the flavours all so beautifully without getting soggy, maintaining its fluffiness without being all too doughy. It may sound exaggerating, but it felt like I am done with my hunt on finding a good Shakshouka around the island right after having the one served here.