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Time to do some spamming.
I will be introducing my list of must-eats whenever I visited Seafood Paradise.
Three types of egg giving the dish three different dimension in Term of taste, smell and vision.
The egg gave the dish a light golden coloring. Made the look of the dish more classy. Most importantly, the egg was soft like silk wrapping the gravy with the Chinese spinach.
The century egg provided the color contrast. Black diamond in the mid of green jade and gold. The alkaline from the century egg actually helped to soften the toughness of the Chinese spinach creating the balance in the dish.
The saltness of the salted egg combined with the stock giving the dish a very refine saltness. It was not other dish whereby I can only taste the dish is "salty". It might seem like a easy dish but the timing every ingredient is different. All of them can't be throw into a pot at the same time, you will never able to get this kind of texture and consistency.
Seafood Paradise
#01-01, Swee Hin Building, 91 Defu Lane 10
Phone: 64872429
Daily: 11:30 - 14:30 for lunch
Daily: 17:30 - 23:00 for dinner