One of the newest additions to the menu is ‘Shroomy Chicken’, which is essentially a new mashed mushroom concoction spread atop Subway’s roasted chicken breast.

It was actually my first time getting the chicken breast and salad at Subway, and I was very pleased with how tender and moist the chicken breast was (although I’m a little worried what other fillers this might have been reconstituted with). The salad was pretty underwhelming for $9, as you just get to pick from the same vegetable toppings as a regular sub. I thought there would be a different salad mix base given the pricing. The shroomy mix was pretty good, it was savoury and earthy. If you’re counting calories, this would actually be a good enough replacement for salad dressing. Overall I probably wouldn’t spend $9 for this salad again, but it might be worth trying the mushroom mix in a wrap or sub in the future.