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Some Days Are For Healthier Eats

Some Days Are For Healthier Eats

Featuring Curious Palette, Mad For Garlic, The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), Lunar Coffee Brewers, Kipos Gourmet (Tanjong Pagar Centre), Toss & Turn (VivoCity), McDonald's (HarbourFront Centre), McDonald's, Da Paolo Gastronomia (VivoCity), Yummy Bros
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee
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Proof that you can eat healthy at McDonald’s, although it is expensive to do so.

For $5.80 you can get a grilled chicken salad, or a grilled chicken wrap, both of which are light on calories. However, the salad portion is meagre and probably won’t keep you full for long as it comes with a mix of lettuce, shredded cabbage and carrots, one slice of tomato, 100g (?) of grilled skinless chicken and Kewpie sesame dressing. I do have to say that the chicken is delicious, tender and juicy though!

If you have the option of grabbing a salad at a salad eatery, go for that instead because you’re likely to get a far more filling and satisfying salad. That said, if your friends want to eat at McDonald’s and you’re trying to eat healthy, don’t say there’re no healthy choices at Macs. :)

Carbs: Brown & Red Rice Mix (Standard, 200g)
Chicken (Large, 200g +$1)
Veggie: Shiitake mushrooms (Regular, 30g)

Self-added: Roasted bell peppers (150g)

Yet another Kipos Gourmet leftover bowl that I added more ingredients to so I could get another meal out of it. The original bowl cost $14 with cauliflower rice and an additional Lux (+$2 each).

Added my own smoked turkey breast and a ‘donation’ turmeric curry chicken from my dad’s bowl as protein and topped everything off with some nori plus Trader Joe’s EBTB seasoning.

This bowl wasn’t as satisfying as last week’s, probably because the Truffle Shoyu seasoning isn’t as strong flavoured as the mala. I’d probably go with mala again if I intended to use the leftovers for lunch the following day. But the next time I visit I’ll definitely give the cheesy pesto from their new April menu a try first!

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Kipos has a slight revamp of their menu - so they’ve got a new base (cauliflower rice +$2), new vegetable (Brussels sprouts +$1), new dressings (I only remember the cheesy pesto) and new Lux (kimchi).

What’s in my bowl ($14)
Base: Soba + cauliflower rice (+$2)
Vegetables: Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, radish
Dressing: Truffle shoyu
Lux it up: Mushroom medley + golden pillow Tamago (+$2)
Toppings: Roasted almonds, tobikko, nori

I love that there’s the option for cauliflower rice, but at $2 it’s a pricey addition. While the taste of cauliflower isn’t overpowering (which some might have found offputting), it’s still quite bland on its own and I probably wouldn’t order it again at the current price. Sadly no spinach left when I arrived, but there were still the other veggie options available. Went with truffle shoyu dressing again as a slightly healthier choice than ma la, and I still love it! The truffle smell is so strong and fragrant. Caved and got a second Lux, which was super worth it. Somehow the mushroom medley did taste a little bland today, but the Tamago was awesome! The staff forgot about my add-on Tamago but I checked before leaving, so they apologised and added on the tamago without any fuss. Toppings were the same as always and they’re always good.

Love Kipos so much and I’m not even mad about it.

Yes it’s that good :) Don’t think I’ll get sick of this for a long while. And it’s only $8, which is cheaper than designing your own bowl.

There were more servers today but many were new and inexperienced. Unfortunately the onsen egg yolk didn’t survive the egg shell cracking :( still a fantastic bowl and I’m such a fan of their sambal chilli!

What’s in my BYOB - Bowl A ($10.80 + $0.50)
- Base: Salad Mix
- Cold proteins: Bacon, Shrimp (+$0.50)
- Crunches: 2 x Hard boiled egg, tofu, cherry tomatoes
- Dressing: Caesar

Once again no soba during dinner time at 7.15pm which is disappointing. Bacon is super salty, so I wouldn’t recommend eating it on its own. It’s ok if you eat it with the veggies and crunches though. Shrimp was pretty fresh today but the freshness varies from day to day.

Love that there’s so many egg options here though - there’s Omelette under cold proteins (actually most bo hua to order this), and hard boiled eggs as well as sous vide eggs under crunches. If you’re budget-conscious and looking to maximise your protein intake, load up on eggs in the crunches.

The Caesar dressing here tends to be much more watery than any other salad shop, so I guess it’s less calories? Not very rich and creamy though there’s the general taste of Caesar dressing - I’d rather go with the non-fat dressings but this was decent.

I think this is probably the most value for money grain bowl option at Vivo because they’re generous with the portions. For $10.80 for a basic bowl with two cold proteins and four veggie crunches, you get an overflowing bowl - about 3 times more ingredients and more filling than the bowl from Gastronomia da Paolo.

Sadly, I didn’t get to have soba again as it was sold out when I visited at 7.20pm. Come on, Cedele. For an eatery linked to such an established chain, I’d expect better availability of ingredients at dinner time. Its not even past 8pm yet!

What’s in my bowl (Bowl A $10.80 + $0.50):
Base: Salad Mix
Cold proteins: Omelette + Prawns (+$0.50)
Crunches: Corn kernels, hard boiled egg, tofu, roasted pumpkin
Dressing: Cashew & lime (non-fat)

Service was terrible today. The waitstaff was rude and started scooping the salad mix despite me requesting for spinach. Anyway, there was a full selection of cold proteins today, as well as more crunches available (yay for both roast pumpkin and sweet potato!). Overall I felt the prawns today were fresher than last time, they were firm to the bite and not as mushy. I really liked the non-fat Cashew dressing more than the other two I’ve tried so far (pomegranate vinaigrette and Thai), as the cashew dressing is nutty yet a little sour for extra flavour due to the lime. I found it surprisingly refreshing. It’s also quite a light dressing so you won’t feel overwhelmed or jelak :)

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For a healthier and lighter meal option, the salmon-centric soba bowl is the way to go. A perfectly poached salmon topped with melted miso nori butter, furikake onsen egg, shimeji mushroom and wakame served atop a soba base is a perfect combination in my books. Probably the only thing I’d remove from the bowl is the pickled ginger as I’m not a fan of it, but this time I just left it on the side of the bowl after trying a slice - still not sold on the taste.

I usually shy away from ordering salmon because it’s so easy to under or over cook it. Thankfully, that’s not a concern here at Lunar Coffee Roasters. The salmon flesh is tender and gives easily. They’re also generous with the salmon portion. I was pleasantly surprised by the miso nori butter, as I’d originally planned to scrape that off and discard it. However, the savoury butter went well slathered on top of the salmon.

The shimeji mushroom and wakame mix was seasoned really well too. And I loved the soba noodles on their own as well. Usually I don’t mix the onsen egg into the noodles, but I gave in and tried halfway through. It’s a different taste experience once the soba strands are coated in the yolk. Everything comes together harmoniously, creating a blend of complementary flavours in your mouth. I’d recommend mixing the yolk for this bowl even though I don’t usually do so, because the elevation in taste is incredible. $14.90 is reasonable given the salmon portion and the cafe’s location in the CBD. Would love to have this again when I’m at Lunar Coffer Brewers!

Used the leftover soba noodles, red cabbage and wakame salad from my Kipos Gourmet Bowl the previous night and zhnged it with some frozen cooked shrimps, frozen broccoli, and topped with nori for a fuss free and budget-friendly office lunch. Even salvaged the vinegar from the ma la dressing but I found the components of the bowl flavourful enough without it as they’d already absorbed tons of flavour. Didn’t even need to heat up the leftovers from Kipos, it was delicious eaten cold! All I had to do was microwave the thawed shrimps and broccoli for 2 minutes and mix it all together.

I love how easy this meal was. I essentially spent $10 (or slightly more) for two awesome meals. Definitely gonna be doing this a lot more often in the future - so you’ll probably be seeing my ‘poor student leftover bowls’ weekly 😂

Always wanted to try the Quinoa Lemak ($8) from Kipos Gourmet but it’s either out of stock or I got waylaid by their DYOB because I love having a customised grain bowl! Thankfully the Quinoa Lemak was still available today, so I managed to order one.

Served atop a bed of superbly lemak quinoa cooked with coconut cream are the turmeric chicken, onsen egg, cucumber, Ikan bilis, activated almonds and sambal. The quinoa is perfectly cooked, fluffy, soft and fragrant - the perfect grain base for this bowl. The turmeric chicken is on their regular menu as well, and it’s seasoned well. The flesh is relatively tender and juicy too! Unfortunately the bowl was put together by an inexperienced staff, and she ended up breaking the yolk of my onsen egg so I didn’t have the pleasure of breaking it on my own :( but that’s just me hahaha. I love that they used their signature activated almonds in place of peanuts because they’re so good! And the icing on the cake is that the sambal here is amazing! It’s not watery or oily, plus it’s spicy enough for a kick, and can rival many Nasi Lemak hawker stalls.

Each component of the bowl is so good that you’ll probably not miss the regular ingredients in traditional Nasi Lemak!!!

The best part about ordering this indulgent local delight from Kipos is that caloric information is provided - and this amazing bowl weighs in at less than 600kcal! Compare that to what you’d get at regular Nasi Lemak stalls!

Another crazy good bowl from Kipos Gourmet for my Tuesday post-yoga dinner.

I kept pretty much the same ingredients from last week but changed my ‘Lux’ to wakame.

What’s in my bowl ($10):
- Base: Purple & Green Cabbage, Buckwheat Soba Noodles
- Greens: Spinach, Bell Pepper, Radish, Cucumber, Cherry Tomato
- Protein: Tofu
- Dressing: Seasonal (Mala - 2 spice)
- Lux It Up: Seaweed Salad (wakame)
- Crunch: Roasted Almonds, Nori, Tobiko

I can’t decide if I like the seaweed salad more than the mushroom medley, as it has a stronger taste and ended up staining the rest of my ingredients green. Not such a fan of the colouring, although I do like how much it contributes to the taste of the bowl. The mushrooms are more earthy and comforting, but the seasoned seaweed packs a punch to your senses. Probably would go with the seaweed if I intend to keep the leftovers for the following day so I can use that to flavour the additional ingredients.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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