Checked out the new @3 recently; a Nordic-inspired cafe situated along Kampong Bahru Road within the same row of shophouses that one can also find Kream & Kensho, Dolç Patisseire and Strangers Reunion — was quite impressed with the minimalist decor and attention to detail in the renovations here with text embedded in the cement floor, as well as that corner with a book-inspired chandelier and a pencil-shaped floor lamp; things that I personally found very intriguing around the space. The menu here comprises of a limited variety of sandwiches/toast and a big breakfast plate dubbed the Viking Breakfast, whilst offering patrons beverage options such as specialty coffee, tea, juices and soft drinks. While I have seen a mix of cakes from both Dolç Patisseire and Olsen Bakehouse being served here through the social media accounts of those who have been to @3 before we made our visit, it was noted that the cakes served during the day of our visit were seemingly from Olsen Bakehouse and The Better Half.

Being at a Nordic-inspired cafe meant that the Skagen Toast here is something that one must try — a classic Swedish dish that features shrimp salad on toast. I liked how simple the item was, but yet so flavourful — the shrimp served atop the toast was fresh, juicy and succulent; carried a distinct sweetness that is typical of crustaceans, while sitting atop a mix of mayonnaise, sour cream, Ebiko and dill that gives it a slight umami note that binds it with the crunchy leaves of butterhead lettuce beneath with a slight herb-y touch which was refreshing. The toast beneath was sufficiently dense; gave a good chew while the exterior was surprisingly crusty — liked how it didn’t end up getting soaked from the various ingredients that came over it which is an attention to detail in its plating. An item that would work well for a light brunch plate to pair with a cuppa and a book at hand

Currently in its soft launch phase, I liked how @3’s food is somewhat simplistic and fuss-free; not overly complicated, yet well-executed with heart. Hoping that they would expect their menu to include more meat options some day though; a spot that cafe-hoppers should visit!

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