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Add on rice for +2++ if I'm not wrong

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While it came without rice, and the portion looks small at first, it's no doubt 250g of meat and it's rather filling. With wagyu in its name, it's important to regulate expectations as this certainly was a decent roast beef, and a generous portion at that, but ultimately it was nothing too crazy. Since it's wagyu it was quite soft, without the usual chewiness that some roast beef have. The sweet and savoury sauce also complimented the beef well, but I particularly liked the wasabi at that side which wasn't too strong and made it easy to finish the whole plate. The fact that it's not hot may turn people off but I personally had never had a piping roast beef so I guess it's standard, or at least common that it's served at room temperature

Not exactly a must-try, but definitely a solid option for lunch or a steal with the 141