Being the mountain tortoise that I am, this is my first time having loklok 🤣 while I’ve never tried the famous ones in JB, the food here was certainly great and I sure had a jolly good time, after all; what’s better than loklok with beer 🍻

Offering a wide range of ingredients - from the basic ones like cheese tofu, seaweed chicken and crab stick to premium items like baby abalone and scallops, you can enjoy most of them at $1 per stick in Malaysian Fry Style or top up $8 to enjoy them hotpot style! The soup base comes in Classic, Mala, Satay or Laksa and you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice.

They also offer 7 different sauces at no additional charges, so go crazy and dip your loklok with your preferred pairing! My personal favourite is the Thai Seafood Chili Sauce, go give it a try!

📣PROMO: If you can find it in yourself to finish 58 sticks (for the record I was full after 9 sticks 😂) you can now simply pay $50 instead of the usual $58! Applicable to non-premium sticks only! Complete the meal with their Happy Hour that’s available from Tuesday to Thursday, 3pm to 7pm. You’d get 2 pints for $18 (instead of $24) so grab a friend along and challenge yourself to 58 sticks while winding down with a glass of ice cold beer 🍻