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Spring 5-Course Degustation Menu

The first dish of this 5 course dessert menu consisted of a soursop sorbet with herb-marinated fresh kiwi, fresh pink grape fruit, garden grapefruit foam, micros lemon balm, lime peel and spritzes of bergamot spray. It was paired with the Marenco Brachetto, a delicate sparkling red wine.

It was a delightfully refreshing and playful start to the menu. The slight sourness of the soursop with the bitterness of the grapefruit and the heady, flowery aftertaste of the citrus, bergamot and herbs danced on my tongue. While I am really not the biggest fan of soursop, this was something I really enjoyed.

I must add that all the dishes were so sexy. I don't even know what it means to describe a dessert that way but if any guys out there want to impress a date, take them to a place which plates desserts as intricately and meticulously as 2am. Of course the alcohol and the contemporary, sleek, dim-lit restaurant played a part as well.

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