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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Sugar, spice and everything nice 🍭🍬🍫
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

What a perfect sweet note to end a delicious steak dinner on.

This delicious dessert ($15) has a base of lady's fingers drenched with coffee and atop that is a rich creamy mascarpone cheese mix and cocoa powder generously dusted on top. It's got more cocoa crumbles and matcha crumbles garnished around it as well as a delicious scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

And oh boy is it delicious and just a fantastic medley of flavors and textures. The lady's fingers and mascarpone are just sweet enough to provide a contrast against the bitter coffee, and the cocoa powder. The spongy moistness dripping from the lady's fingers counters the dryness from the cocoa powder. The crumbles add a crunch while the ice cream and mascarpone provide a creamy texture.

Definitely a tiramisu to remember.


This delicate dessert cost $10.50 but tasted amazing. A light, airy, crispy choux pastry was cut in half and filled with a rich hazelnut paste and a vanilla-flavored cream. Embedded into the cream and garnished at the top were roasted peanuts.

I love the combination of sweet vanilla cream and salty peanuts. And there was the earthiness of the nuts that just cuts through all the fluffy textures of the cream and pastry, which were not overly sweet. Such a delightful, savory twist on the classic profiterole.

$12.90 for what is literally just a big pile of heaven. So good. 🥞

Four warm, impossibly fluffy pancakes were stacked in a jiggly pile, drizzled with caramel and topped with apple, sliced almonds, whipped cream, ice cream and a few shakes of cinnamon. The pancakes were just barely cooked and oozy in the center, with a gorgeous airy texture. They weren't too eggy or sweet. Just perfect. Cutting the entire pile in half and watching the steam and the smell escape...heaven on a plate indeed.

The caramel drizzle had hardened on the top of the pancake due to the ice cream, and was crunchy and sweet, providing lovely textural contrast. The apple slices were kind of miserable though.

This was literally the best pancakes I've eaten so far in Singapore. Goodness gracious me. Can't wait to come back and try the rest of their delicious-looking menu.


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Help me this was so good ❤️

This was a fluffy homemade raisin brioche and croissant bread pudding resting on luscious creamy TCA house blend coffee custard. It was served with banana, berries and TCA house blend espresso golden syrup.

The bread was so unbelievably soft. It soaked up the syrup and coffee custard, combining the sweetness of the syrup with the bitterness of the coffee custard. The raisins and fruit added depth of flavor and a varying texture to the dessert. The custard was delightfully smooth and perfectly blended. My only gripe is that the brown part of the pudding was slightly dry/cakey but thats just nitpicking haha.

So well-thought and executed, a perfect addition to TCA's desserts. We didn't even have to wait too long for it. Totally worth the $16 price point.



This scoop cost $3.50 and I added $1.30 for a waffle cone lined with chocolate and peanuts.

I really like the creaminess of the ice cream here. Its just the most perfect consistency, not too icy and doesn't melt too fast. The cookie butter seems to really enhance the texture of the ice cream and adds a sweet richness that isn't overly jelak. There are speculoos cookie bits swirled in which kinda breaks up the otherwise monotonous mouthfeel :D

I didn't regret the peanut cone because it was crispy, delicious and just seems to make the entire ice cream experience so nostalgic :)


This aesthetically appealing slice of cake ($7.90) was located front and center of the pastry case and I just picked it right off the bat because I live for anything salted caramel. <3 Its layered with salted caramel buttercream frosting and chocolate sponge cake with a cereal topping and an oatmeal crust.

It was really delicious. The chocolate sponge cake and salted caramel frosting provided the perfect balance of rich and airy, while the crust was crunchy and chewy at the same time. The cereal crust was kind of soggy though and I felt that the salted caramel taste was barely discernable, which is rather disappointing. But the textures were perfectly balanced and along with an intense strong dark chocolate flavor, it was more than enough to satisfy my buzzing sweet tooth. :)


This huge banana pancake ($16) was baked fresh and served in a hot pan, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnished with walnuts, pistachio crumble and strawberry pieces.

The pancake was still so hot the ice cream melted and started running down the sides of the hotcake, becoming a sort of sweet vanilla flavored sauce of sorts. The pancake itself had a more dense, cakey texture and had sweet chunks of banana in it. It definitely resembled a banana cake more than a classic pancake. But I really liked the medley of flavors; sweetness of the banana, tanginess of the strawberry, earthiness of the nuts tied together with rich creamy ice cream. The warm cake (it steamed when I cut into it) also tasted really good paired with the cool ice cream.

Still a few bits to tweak like a stronger banana flavor and the overall texture of the hotcake. But it put both me and my dining partner into that sugar-induced post-dessert high which is a sign we enjoyed our dinner very much. :)



An impromptu 7am trip to Jewel brought us to the food basement where me and my partner bought some mochi ice cream in Korean Banana Milk, Thai Iced Tea and Salted Caramel flavors. These 3 mochi balls cost $6.20 altogether.

The mochis were frozen and came in quarters in a cute little cup. The mochi layer was soft and powdery and the ice cream was strongly flavored and rich, especially the banana one. I especially adored the salted caramel ice cream with its contrasting sweet and salty notes (although I'm biased because salted caramel is hands down my fave ice cream flavor) . I liked how the mochi provided a chewy counterpoint to the creamy ice cream.

It was a pleasant morning pick me up, but I'm not sure if the price point was warranted. Except for the salted caramel one. That was my absolute favorite and comes highly recommended. :)


Somehow I had no idea that a Thai food chain would sell a Japanese-inspired dessert but this turned out absolutely delicious. This set meal cost $13.80 and consisted of a huge, crispy slab of toast and a drink (we chose green thai milk tea with minimum sugar).

The toast was so visually impressive. Served slightly warm on a wooden paddle, it was drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce and a humongous scoop of bright white, creamy, coconut ice cream was balanced precariously on top. Chunks of fresh coconut flesh as well as coconut flakes were sprinkled around it. The toast itself was crunchy and golden brown on the outside but the inside was soft, savory and buttery. The bread absorbed the sweet sauces and coconut ice cream as it melted, forming an anchor for the different elements of the dish. Cuts had already been made in the toast so it could be torn apart easily.

It was the perfect sweet ending to a night out with a friend. Can't wait to come back and try the Thai Milk Tea version of this Shibuya Toast.


Spring 5-Course Degustation Menu

A milk chocolate financier acted as a centerpiece for torched meringue, lemon cream and ginger spiced sorbet. Sprinkled around was spice-infused jelly cubes and toasted tiger nuts. A ginger ribbon tuile was delicately balanced on top. It was paired with my favorite wine pairing of the night, Antech Semi Sweet Sparkling, a mellow, sweet champagne. And champagne is always fun.

This was a close second favorite among the five courses. The refreshing lemon flavor threaded through all the elements of the dessert, balanced out the richness of the financier. Yet there was a subtle undertone of spice in the jelly cubes, meringue and tuile that was not too overpowering. The nuts and tuile added amazing texture and crunch to the dish. It was a wonderful end to the degustation menu.

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Spring 5-Course Degustation Menu

Kinkan is the Japanese name for kumquat, which I have never tried before. In this Japanese-inspired dessert the fruit was paired with pistachio crumble, osmanthus tea gel and shungiku ice cream. Smoked cream, olive oil marinaded pomelo and sprinklings of yuzu powder finished off the dish. It was paired with a glass of Gramona Gewurztraminer, a delicious, sweet white wine. I am thoroughly impressed by the fact that none of the alcoholic drinks had that characteristic bitter aftertaste that comes from cheap alcohol.

The dessert itself was reminiscent of an apple crumble. The pistachio's earthy flavor contrasted perfectly with the natural citrusy sweetness of the kinkan and the tea-like taste of the shinjuku ice cream. It was absolutely delicious and nostalgic.

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Spring 5-Course Degustation Menu

This unassuming block of chocolate cake turned out to be my favorite in the 5 courses. I adore chocolate so I was so excited when this arrived.

It was triple layered; pandan sponge cake and Orelys ganache sandwiched Japanese black sugar parfait. The stack was then dipped in a dark chocolate coating. The Orelys ganache totally blew me away. Made from blond chocolate and containing dark muscovado sugar, it was rich, creamy and had surprise bits of fresh grape that popped in my mouth and helped cut through the richness of the dessert. I couldn't stop eating it. I only wished it was larger, it was so good.

I lift 💪🏻 I eat 🍩 I science 🤓

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