Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Sugar, spice and everything nice 🍭🍬🍫
Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

The final dish of the night was a calamansi tart, which came with a balanced sweet-tart calamansi curd in the filling and torched meringue generously dolloped on top that was crisp on the outside yet fluffy like a cloud on the inside. Also love the crust!! Crisp and buttery and could hold the curd.

The meal was finished off with PS Cafe’s famous sticky date pudding served in a sea of toffee sauce and crowned with vanilla ice cream. I love this and it never disappoints!! It’s served warm and everything balances out; the toffee sauce is rich, buttery and not overwhelmingly sweet and goes well with the earthy flavor of the date pudding. Tied together by that cold, creamy ice cream. Love a dessert that is so beautifully balanced. 😋

This huge wobbly tower is definitely the dessert to order if you want to impress a date. I chose this partially because I am super duper in love with anything that is salted caramel.

The souffle is incredibly airy and moist, it's really the most interesting and palate-stimulating texture ever. It kind of just melts in your mouth. And I liked that there was a distinct burnt sugar flavor, so the caramel taste shone through. And they coat the ramekin with butter, which becomes a super savory brown butter that pools at the bottom and contrasts the sweetness of the dessert. The salted caramel ice cream enhances that and provides a perfect rich, creamy textural contrast. Really a well executed, technical dessert.


This apple cobbler was a lovely way to finish a heavy, hearty meal. ($10) Underneath a layer of loosely-packed, buttery crumbs are sweet, soft, cinnamon-scented apples. It's crowned with scoops of vanilla ice cream.

The presentation isn't much to look at, but the flavors and textures are definitely on point. The creaminess of the ice cream with the crumble, the soothing familiarity of the vanilla with the sharper cinnamon of the apples. My only jibe is that the crumble could have been just a teeny weeny bit more crunchy to give that textural contrast.


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This pale yellow hued soft serve ($7) is super interesting with the umami, fermented flavor of miso in the backdrop of the sweetness of burnt caramel. Not bad, just different in a good way. In fact, it prevented the soft serve from tasting overly rich and sweet and the caramel flavor didn't get too jelak or overpowering. And I loved the popcorn too. It was crunchy and paired well with the soft serve well.

This seriously caught me off guard. I was expecting ice cream, hot fudge, peanuts and the works, but I got this interesting, medieval-looking dessert instead.

The middle dome is a scoop of pineapple and kiwi flavored sorbet, and there are white and dark chocolate coated mini cheesecakes scattered around the sorbet. The mini cones are filled with whipped cream. There are also crunchy chocolate spheres and some passionfruit sauce.

What a chaotic, strange, yet palate-pleasing mass of textures and flavors. It's definitely worth a try and a lot more fruity and less rich than I imagined.


This is really authentic tasting matcha soft serve. ($5) It strikes a wonderful balance between being too jelak versus being too watery. The soft serve has that all important aftertaste of bitter matcha to balance out the richness of the soft serve.

I wanted to try the toppings, but you can only do that if you order your soft serve in a cup. :/ Anyway, there is a beautiful view of the Singapore river. It's a lovely place to just enjoy some delicious matcha desserts and enjoy the bustle of Clarke Quay.


Back at my favorite Italian restaurant by the riverside to try yet another gelato. It is really fabulous, especially in the cone. ($7 + $1 for the cone)

The generous portion of gelato melts slightly and fills the bottom of the cone as you lick it so you get a good ratio of gelato to wafer throughout the cone.

There's a delightful caramel flavor, kind of like biscoff biscuits but without that strong cinammon flavor. It's really good. And the texture is perfect and creamy as usual.

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Augh the in-house gelato here is so irresistibly good 😝 It's pricey at $7 for this scoop and an additional $1 for the cone, but totally worth it.

OK this one isn't as creamy and smooth as soft serve, but it's still delicious. It's got an almost fluffy, airy texture, and the taste of the cheese is mild but noticeable. More of an aftertaste, really, enhancing the natural milky flavors of the gelato.

Take a stroll down the riverside licking this delicious cone for that perfect end to an evening date. :)

These are essentially deep-fried Oreos ($20), served with a malted vanilla milkshake (to dip the Oreos in). A classy take on the classic Oreo and milk snack. I love whimsical, tongue-in-cheek desserts. My dining partner and I were subtly fighting over these. 😂

The Oreos were served hot and the cooking process somehow breaks down the crispy cookie texture of the Oreo, so it becomes soft and blends in with the icing. The milkshake is so thick its essentially semi-melted ice cream (I can actually see flecks of vanilla bean in it). So rich and delicious.

Overall, LAVO did a really good job of elevating a nostalgic childhood dessert, giving it a twist and making it fancy 💯


This 'pudding' ($13) has a more cake-like texture and is surrounded by a rich pool of dulce de leche sauce, vanilla ice cream and cornflake crumb.

The dulce de leche is a tad too sweet and rich for me, it's more like condensed milk. Maybe less of it would have been better. The 'pudding' itself is really nice though, I like it fluffier like this although it's a tad dry. The earthiness of the date went quite well with a simple vanilla ice cream, and the cornflake crumb definitely gives it a nice crunch.

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The manager poured a dash of orange liqueur inside and flambed the cake tableside! It was the most over the top presentation but it worked so well taste-wise; it melted the cake into a perfect gooey center and left that tiny tinge of orange flavor lingering at that back of your palate. It went really well with the incredibly rich, decadent chocolatey flavor of the cake.

I think what was lacking the most was temperature contrast; it would have been elevated to a 9 or 9.5 served with a scoop of ice cream or some flavored whipped cream.


I lift 💪🏻 I eat 🍩 I science 🤓

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